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Welcome to freegame's Teaching School


Who?        I’m freegame, a 3dan Go player on KGS.

                  You can find more info about me in the profile page 


What?        Online lessons, offline lessons and my own Go book.


                   Online: cheap audio Go lessons on KGS in English (or Dutch)

                   with Skype (or KGS audio).

                  Offline "game commenting". Then I will add comments and variations to an .sgf you

                  send me and then send the commented game back to you.

                  (including a "Lessons to be learned" at the end of each review)



                   Book: I recently wrote a book "The Next Move". Which is for sale here.



For who?    The target audience for my lessons is people between 15 kyu and 3 kyu.


Duration:   Lessons are around 1.5 hour.


Cost:           Online: € 6,-- per lesson.  (  $ 9,-- USD )

                    Offline: € 3,-- per review  (  $ 4,50 USD) 

                    Book:  €14,50                 (~$19,-- USD)


Payment:   You can pay using PayPal. (contact me if you prefer bank transfer.)

                    My PayPal account is:


Contact:     You can contact me via e-mail:


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