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Online audio lessons:

The lesson can contain pretty much anything the student likes. The most common topics are: 

- Review of a game you recently played.

- Playing game + (short) review.

- Questions, specific questions about for example a position a joseki or a tsumego problem.

I don't like to do only Tsumego (Go problems). I think you don't need a teacher for that.


I can use Skype or KGS audio in English or Dutch.

I can give lessons at a time you like. I'm in GMT+1 time zone. I'm awake until late at night. but I don't give lessons in the morning, or when I have to be at the university.

The price for an online lesson is €6,00 ($9,00). This is not per hour but for 1 lesson. A lesson will take around 1.5 hour depending on the questions, and how quick the student picks up the information.

Group lessons:
I can also give group lessons. Everything, like the price and duration, are the same. The only difference is that, if you want the lesson to be private, you have to give me a list of all the people in the group.

Offline Game Commenting:

Offline reviews of your own games are a great way to improve.
- You can study the review whenever you have time.
- It also allows you to look back at old reviews.
- It is cheaper than an online lessons (because I don't need to make an appointment for it)
- You can include your own questions about the game if you have any special once.
- If you have a questions about a comment or variation I made you can ask me and I give a
   free update, answering the question.

I have a lot of experience in this. I think my reviews are of high quality.
I won the 2009-2010 "Best professional game review contest" organized by A. Dinnerchtein.
A copy of this review can be downloaded from the free lessons page.

How does it work:
You send me an .sgf by e-mail. I will review the game add comments and variation in the .sgf file and e-mail it back to you. every offline review ends with a summery providing you with "lessons to be learned" from the game.

The price for this is €3,00 ( $4,50 USD) per game.

Book "The Next Move":
I recently wrote a book. More information can be found here: "The Next Move".

General info: (payment, students, donations)

I have a PayPal account ( This is the most convenient way to pay. I can send you an e-mail with the payment instructions. and you can log in to your own PayPal and transfer the money to my PayPal account.

If you don't have a PayPal account you can open one for free. It's really easy to use, not only for these lessons, but for all kind of online payments. just visit

You can also transfer the money directly to my Dutch bank account. If you do prefer this let me know.

You can pay after the lesson. If you are not satisfied about the lesson I gave you, and you have a reasonable explanation why, I won't charge any money for that specific lesson. (But I probably won't teach you again.)

Student level:
The target audience for my lessons is people between around 15 kyu up to around 3 kyu.

People stronger than 3 kyu will probably learn more from a stronger teacher, but if you like my lessons your welcome.

I don't like to teach beginners because I think they will learn just as much from just getting experience by playing games as they will learn from a lesson.

It is also possible to support me by making a donation. All This money will be used to cover my Go related expenses like my KGS Plus membership and teaching account. The teaching account allows me to use audio/sound during the lessons.


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