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My real name is Laurens. I'm a 25 year old guy from The Netherlands. I've studied mechanical engineering and I’m now studying aerospace engineering in Delft.

I started playing Go in October 2005. A friend of mine played the game and when I was looking at him solving tsumego during lunch break, he invited me to his Go club
(Go club Harderwijk). At the end of 2006 I moved to Delft. Since that time I play at the Go Club Delft as well as occasionally at Go club Seki in Den Haag (The Hague).

I really enjoyed the game and wanted to play more than once a
week at the club. Therefore I immediately started to play online after I  learned the rules. Mostly I play on KGS, but I also play an occasional game on CyberOro, IGS or Tygem.

 Since I started playing online I've played over 5000 games on
 KGS (using several accounts). This brought me to a mid dan
 rank (approximately 3dan KGS).

I have also participate in several real life (international) tournaments including the 2009 European Go Congress.

 I'm also the Clan leader of the Kisei Clan, an online go club at KGS. I occasionally organize events/lessons for the Clan, and once every three month there is a team tournament (called the Clan Brawl)  between the different clans on KGS.

In September 2010 I was invited by A. Dinerchtein to join the Korean-Style League on KGS, both as participant in the A group and teacher for the lower groups.




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