Name: Centraal
Architect: Alsop Architects (London)
Height: 250m., 820ft.
Total Area: 641.000m2, 6.896.134ft2
Duration: 2003-2018
Use: Office/Residential/Hotel
Masterplan Central Station Area
The Masterplan of the new Rotterdam Central Station area has been presented. It contains four key points: A new mobility terminal, boulevards, Delftselaan and the Hofplein quarter.
  Office (m2) Residential (m2) Urban Entertainment (m2) Hotel (m2)
Delftselaan west 73.000   10.000  
Terminal     35.000  
Delftselaan east 151.000 113.000 21.000 7.000
Hofplein quarter 94.000 82.000 55.000  
Total 318.000 195.000 121.000 7.000

overview of the Central Station area
The mobility terminal will integrate trains(including the high speed train to Paris), busses, subways and trams. The design of this new central station by Alsop consists of 9 'champagne glasses' with a maximum height of approx. 80-90m. (262-295ft.).
the new Central Station
The Rotterdam boulevards will get more attractive for pedestrians.
new boulevards
The Delftselaan will become the linking avenue between the different forms of public transportation.
Finally, in order to give the Hofplein quarter the same grandeur as before world war II, this part of the city will be revitalised, so it will be attractive for shops and nightlife once again. Part of the revitalisation are several highrise buildings on the North side of the Hofplein with a maximum height of 250m!
Hofplein quarter
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