Name: Kop van Zuid
Architect: Teun Koolhaas
Height: 135m., 443ft.
Total Area: 1.250.000 m2, 13.448.000ft2
Duration: 1993-2010
Use: Office/Residential/Hotel
overview of the Kop van Zuid

Masterplan Kop van Zuid

The following buildings are part of the Kop van Zuid masterplan:
Building name
Height (mtr.)
Height (ft.)
Montevideo 151 495 UC 2005
World Port Center 138 453 Built
Wilhelminatoren 104 341 Built
Toren op Zuid 96 315 Built
New Orleans I 150 492 Project
New Orleans II 150 492 Project
New Orleans III 150 492 Project
De Rotterdam 138 453 Project
Maastoren 135 443 Project
Baltimore 125 410 Project

Total area to be built divided in office, residential and other use.
Office Residential Other
400.000m2 755.000m2 95.000m2
4.303.000ft2 8.122.000ft2 1.022.000ft2

The Kop van Zuid area is a former harbour area. As the port of Rotterdam grew the port moved more to the West away from the city. The old harbours in the center of the city were abandoned. In the late eighties plans were developed to make this area a part of the city center. The Erasmusbridge was built to connect the Kop van Zuid to the city center. Several highrise projects are part of the masterplan, most will be built on the Wilhelminapier.
artist impression Wilhelminapier

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