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Last Update: August 6, 1999

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On this page you find the line scores and game stories of games played by the Dutch national team during the 1999 European Championships at Bologna (Italy).
Game vs. Germany
Game vs. Czech Republic
Game vs. Belgium
Game vs. Spain
Game vs. Slovenia
Game vs. Sweden
Game vs. Russia (semi-final)
Game vs. Italy (final)
Final Standings and Individual Awards

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Line Scores European Championships - Bologna/Parma/Reggio Emilia, Italy

Friday, July 23
Dutch open European Championships with victory
BOLOGNA (Italy) - The Dutch national baseball team started the 26th European Championships by beating Germany 8-1 in Bologna. The game between the Dutch and Germans was the first between them since July 15, 1975. The Dutch opened the score in the third, when Robert Eenhoorn hit an RBI-single, scoring Jeffrey Cranston from second base. Rikkert Faneyte followed with a single, then later scored on a wild pitch. Eenhoorn scored on a fielder's choice grounder by Raymond Hofer. Active pro Evert-Jan 't Hoen, who returned in the national team for the first time since 1996, tripled and scored in the sixth. Starting pitcher Patrick de Lange went four innings, striking out seven and allowing only two hits. Germany scored its only run in the seventh inning when Marc Marsch hit an RBI-double.
Germany - The Netherlands 1-8RHE
The Netherlands003011210881
pitchers The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Patrick de Lange4722--
Patrick Beljaards, W (1-0)491411
Michiel van Kampen13----
pitchers Germanyinn.SOBBHRER
Stefan Fechtig, L2.214231
Kai McKinstry3.131422
Andreas Becker213131
Lutz Denckert1--1--
other scores of Day 1:
Group 1: France vs. Croatia, 1-0; Russia vs. Sweden, 6-2; Great Britain vs. Italy, 0-13.
Group 2: Czech Republic vs. Slovenia, 18-10; Belgium vs. Spain 0-10.

Saturday, July 24
Dutch blanks Czech
PARMA (Italy) - The Dutch national team also won its second game of the European Championships as is won 9-0 against Czech Republic. The Dutch scored all their runs in the first five innings, with six of them being scored in the first three innings. Consecutive hits by Johnny Balentina, Robert Eenhoorn and Rikkert Faneyte (2-run double) led to a 3-run first. In the third the Dutch added three more. An inning later, Mike Crouwel hit a homerun, which hit the scoreboard in left-centerfield, to make it 7-0. Orlando Stewart struckout seven and allowed four hits in his five innings of work. In the remaining four innings the Czech managed to get only one additional hit.
The Netherlands - Czech Republic 9-0RHE
Czech Republic000000000050
The Netherlands30312000x9120
pitchers Czech Republicinn.SOBBHRER
Orlando Stewart, W (1-0)5714--
Jurriaan Lobbezoo3411--
René Rijst11----
pitcher Czech Republicinn.SOBBHRER
Martin Duda, L3.135777
Lubomír Janda4.2-1522
Homerun: The Netherlands: Mike Crouwel (1).
other scores of Day 2:
Group 1: Russia vs. France, 0-4; Great Britain vs. Croatia, 10-0; Italy vs. Sweden, 10-3.
Group 2: Slovenia vs. Belgium, 3-4; Spain vs. Germany, 3-1.

Sunday, July 25
Dutch win 450th international game
BOLOGNA (Italy) - Almost 65 years after their first encounter and now 59 games later, the Dutch and Belgian national teams faced each other again, marking the 450th international game of the Dutch in history. On August 26, 1934, the Dutch played their ever international game, defeating Belgium 21-12. This time, The Netherlands won 9-1 against Belgium, which is guided by Dutch coach Fred van Gulik. Before the game it was expected that the Dutch were much too strong, but after the topof the sixth, they were leading only 2-0. Then, in the bottom half of the sixth, the Dutch decided the game, scoring five runs. Dutch pitcher Erwin Maes started losing control, walking three, and his successor Tom Lorrenton added two walks. Dutch starter Rob Cordemans gave up only one hit in six innings. Richard Orman gave up the lone Belgian run in the seventh.
The Netherlans - Belgium 9-1RHE
The Netherlands20000511x971
pitchers Belgiuminn.SOBBHRER
Andre De Wit, L3-2222
Erwin Maes2 (*)36144
Tom Lorrenton1-2122
Johnny Peerens1.22-311
(*)-Maes pitched to five batters in the sixth inning
pitchers The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Rob Cordemans, W (1-0)66-1--
Richard Orman, SV (1)35-11-
other scores of Day 3:
Group 1: Great Britain vs. Russia, 5-11; France vs. Sweden, 7-0; Croatia vs. Italy, 1-22.
Group 2: Spain vs. Slovenia, 8-0; Czech Republic vs. Germany, 2-1.

Monday, July 26
Dutch clinch play-off spot
PARMA (Italy) - The Dutch national team qualified for the play-offs of the European Championships as they beat Spain 8-1. The Dutch had ten hits, including a towering homerun by Evert-Jan 't Hoen in the seventh. 't Hoen, Johnny Balentina and Elston Hansen all had two hits. The Dutch started off the scoring in the second when 't Hoen scored on two consecutive passed balls. Spain only scored a run in the third as Miguel Erroz reached home plate on a grounder by Antonio Salazar.
The Netherlands - Spain 8-1RHE
The Netherlands01211210x8103
pitchers Spaininn.SOBBHRER
Ken Brauckmiller32-411
Eelco Jansen, W (1-0)4513--
Michiel van Kampen12-2--
René Rijst11-1--
pitchers Spaininn.SOBBHRER
Eduy Mosqueda, L4.115654
Ekaitz Ezpeleta3.2-1433
Homeruns: The Netherlands: Evert-Jan 't Hoen (1).
other scores of Day 4:
Group 1: Russia vs. Croatia, 2-4; Sweden vs. Great Britain, 3-2; Italy vs. France, 5-0.
Group 2: Germany vs. Slovenia, 14-4; Czech Republic vs. Belgium, 11-1.

Tuesday, July 27
Dutch remain unbeaten in preliminaries
BOLOGNA (Italy) - The Dutch national tam remained unbeaten in the preliminary round, defeating Slovenia 15-2. Dutch manager Jan Dick Leurs gave some of his regulars off, but some of them entered the game in the seventh. The Dutch then scored eleven of its fifteen runs in the last three innings. Eddie Dix went 4-for-6, including a triple, and scored two runs. He also had four RBI's. Elston Hansen connected for three hits, including a two-run double. The Dutch had sixteen hits off of four different pitchers.
Slovenia - The Netherlands 2-15RHE
The Netherlands02020043415161
pitchers The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Derrick Isenia, W (1-0)79142-
Jurriaan Lobbezoo24----
pitchers Sloveniainn.SOBBHRER
Tine Zaletel, L6.2141086
Domen Rotap0.212231
Jaka Bradac0.2 (*)-1444
Uros Djinovski1-1---
(*)-Bradac pitched to five batters in the ninth inning
other scores of Day 5:
Group 1: Croatia vs. Sweden, 0-1; France vs. Great Britain, 9-8; Italy vs. Russia, 8-5.
Final Standings: 1. Italy, 2. France, 3. Russia, 4. Sweden, 5. Great Britain, 6. Croatia.
Group 2: Belgium vs. Germany, 5-2; Spain vs. Czech Republic, 4-7.
Final Standings: 1. The Netherlands, 2. Czech Republic, 3. Spain, 4. Belgium, 5. Germany, 6. Slovenia.

Thursday, July 29

Dutch beat Sweden to reach semi-final
BOLOGNA (Italy) - In the first game of the play-offs, the Dutch national team defeated Sweden, therefore qualifying not only for the semi-final of the European Championships, but also clinching a spot of the 2001 World Championships. The four best teams of the European Championships qualify for that event, for which a location will be decided upon during the IBA Congress in Sydney, Australia, in November of this year. The Dutch had a four-run second inning as Evert-Jan 't Hoen had a lead-off infieldhit, then Ken Brauckmiller and Raymond Hofer walked. 't Hoen and Brauckmiller scored on Johnny Balentina's two-run single. Hofer and Balentina then scored on a hit, and additional error, by Robert Eenhoorn. As the score was only 6-0, the Dutch never got into problems. Starting pitcher Patrick de Lange pitched six-plus strong innings, striking out twelve.
Besides The Netherlands, Italy, Russia and France also qualified for the next World Championships.
The Netherlands - Sweden 6-0 (quarter final)RHE
The Netherlands04000002x650
pitchers Swedeninn.SOBBHRER
Petter Vesterlund, L7.147565
Kerry Fitzgerald0.2-----
pitchers The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Patrick de Lange, W (1-0)6.11216--
Patrick Beljaards0.2-----
Jurriaan Lobbezoo23----
other scores of Day 6:
9th thru 12th place: Germany vs. Croatia, 8-3; Great Britain vs. Slovenia, 6-4.
quarter finals: Czech Republic vs. Russia, 3-5; France vs. Spain, 4-1; Italy vs. Belgium, 17-1.

Friday, July 30
BOLOGNA - (Italy) The Netherlands qualified for the Sydney Olympics by defeating Russia 7-0 in de semi-final of the European Championships. In Parma, Italy also qualified, as it won 10-0 against France.
Rob Cordemans pitched a one-hitter in the Olympic clincher and took a perfect game into the sixth inning. In the sixth he gave up a lead-off walk to Dmitri Likhin. In the seventh Valeri Platonov broke the no-hitter with a two-out single up the middle, out of reach of centerfielder Rikkert Faneyte. Only one Russian hitter managed to reach second base. That happened in the ninth, when Dmitri Goloubev was sacrificed to second by Gherman Paniouchov.
The Dutch faced Vladimir Petrov, who proved to be a tough pitcher, striking out four and allowing only four hits in six innings. In the seventh, Petrov finally had to give in, giving up five hits and four runs. The game was scoreless for three innings, but Rikkert Faneyte scored the first run in the fourth, scoring on a sacrifice fly by Evert-Jan 't Hoen. In the fifth Faneyte singled in Raymond Hofer for 2-0 lead, then Elston Hansen made it 3-0 in the sixth, scoring on a dropped fly ball, before the Dutch had a decisive four-run seventh.
Croatia and Slovenia demoted to the B-pool as they finished in eleventh and twelfth place after completion of their competition with Germany and Great Britain.
The Netherlands - Russia 7-0 (semi final)RHE
The Netherlands00011140x790
pitchers Russiainn.SOBBHRER
Vladimir Petrov, L6.253971
Vladimir Mouratov1.123---
pitcher The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Rob Cordemans, W (2-0)9721--
other scores of Day 7:
9th thru 12th place: Germany vs. Great Britain, 2-4; Slovenia vs. Croatia, 6-7.
Final Standings 9th thru 12th place: 9. Great Britain, 10. Germany, 11. Croatia, 12. Slovenia.
losers semi-finals: Czech Republic vs. Spain, 2-12; Belgium vs. Sweden, 2-3.
winners semi-final: Italy vs. France, 10-0

Saturday, July 31
BOLOGNA (Italy) - The Netherlands defeated Italy 3-0 to become European Champion for the first time since 1995 and the sixteenth time in history. It was the first time in 28 years that the Dutch captured the title in Italy. Since 1971, Italy was victorious in their own country in 1979, 1983 and 1991. The 3-0 was only the sixth shutout victory of the Dutch against Italy since the teams first met in 1956.
The Dutch played a strong defensive game. Pitcher Orlando Stewart, who had a superb outing, allowed only three hits and a total of four baserunners, three of which came in the fourth innings. In seven innings he faced only the minimum three hitters. ,,He did a great job'', manager Jan Dick Leurs reacted afterwards. ,,This is one of my career highlights'', said Stewart. The Dutch played agressively and took the lead in the second inning, when Evert-Jan 't Hoen scored on a single by Percy Isenia and had a hard collision with Italian catcher Manuel Gasparri. In the third Rikkert Faneyte hit an RBI double, scoring Johnny Balentina from second base. Faneyte himself went to third on a Mike Crouwel hit, then scord on a sac fly by Elston Hansen. Italy got its only runscoring opportunity in the fourth when former pro Claudio Liverziani singled and was followed by a double by Alberto D'Auria. Stewart then intentionally walked powerhitter Danny Newman to load the bases and got active pro Andrea Castri (New York Yankees-minors) to hit into a double play with a comebacker to the pitcher.
The Netherlands - Italy 3-0 (final)RHE
The Netherlands01200000x360
pitchers Italyinn.SOBBHRER
Massimiliano Masin, L2.123333
Diego Ricci4.2312--
Paul Romanoli12-1--
pitcher The Netherlandsinn.SOBBHRER
Orlando Stewart, W (2-0)9613--
other scores of Day 8:
7th/8th place: Sweden vs. Czech Republic, 6-5
5th/6th place: Spain vs. Belgium, 12-0
3rd/5th place: Russia vs. France, 3-8

Final Standings:
1. The Netherlands, 2. Italy, 3. France, 4. Russia, 5. Spain, 6. Belgium, 7. Sweden, 8. Czech Rpublic, 9. Great Britain, 10. Germany, 11. Croatia, 12. Slovenia.

Individual Awards:
Most Valuable Player: Daniele Newman (Italy)
Best Hitter: Daniele Newman (Italy)
Best Pitcher (W-L): Carlos Ros (Spain)
Best Pitcher (ERA): Robin Roy (France)
Most Homeruns: Evert-Jan 't Hoen (The Netherlands)
Most Runs Scored: Rikkert Faneyte (The Netherlands)
Most Runs Batted In: Manuel Gasparri (Italy)
Most Stolen Bases: Alexander Nizov (Russia)
Outstanding Defensive Player: Felix Cano (Spain)

All Star Team:
LH Pitcher: Carlos Ros (Spain)
RH Pitcher: Robin Roy (France)
Catcher: Andrej Selivanov (Russia)
1st Base: Andrea Castri (Italy)
2nd Base: Thomas Ovesny (Czech Republic)
3rd Base: Evert-Jan 't Hoen (The Netherlands)
Short Stop: Jendrik Speer (Germany)
Left Field: Claudio Liverziani (Italy)
Center Field: Peter Stroobants (Belgium)
Right Field: Daniele Newman (Italy)
Designated Hitter: Elston Hansen (The Netherlands)

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Last Update: August 6, 1999
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