Elektromagnetic force & spirit

Is evolution a theory, a system or a hypothesis? Not at all, It is much more: it is a general postulate to which all theories, all hypotheses, all systems must henceforward bow and which they must satisfy in order to be thinkable and true. Evolution is a light which illuminates all facts, a tra­jectory which all lines of thought must follow, this is what evolution is.


(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, 1881-1955)


Electrons and photons (light particles) give form and volume to all that exists in nature. They store, contemplate and communicate evolution information. They are “Thinking electrons”  

(Jean Emile Charon, 1920-1998)


Complex Relativity, Jean E. Charon (1988)


In this PDF you will find a facsimile of the eonic theory “Complex Relativity” by Jean Emile Charon.  

(Unifying All Four Physical Interactions)


An important question in the philosophy of ethics is the simple and practical question: What to do? This applies not only to personal decisions, but also to decisions to be taken by a community, a country, a continent or even a decision at a global level. But where do we get this ethical know how? Are we making it up all by ourselves? Is it something typically human? Does it only apply to the modern rational thinking human being? Or is it possible to distil from nature, and in par­ticular the oldest physics of evolution, guidelines that can serve as a basis for an almost eternal natural ethics, useful in our time and our future? Could this be a solid natural foundation for an enhanced ecological thinking that we need today?

For a short article, written for the Dutch magazine BRES and translated,  click here.

Evolution & spirit

Merges key elements of the French scientists Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Jean Emile Charon into a radically new vision on natural ethics

The natural evolution as a source of ethics



“The eon hypothesis in a nutshell” is an essay about Charon’s theory on the “inside” of electrons.   Click here