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Photo novels of Buck Rogers episodes
(the author/creator prefers to remain anonymous)
Buck Rogers fan fiction by bookscape (Susan Kite)
Several great stories, the following of which include Hawk:
  • Friends and Memories (Buck and Hawk spend the anniversary of a special holiday together))
  • Missing Scene from Time of the Hawk (what happened between Hawk's capture and his trial)
  • Time and Again (Buck finds the Forest People and more...)
  • Journeys of the Mind (the Searcher crew fight a truly evil organization)
  • Forerunners of Bosk (Buck and Hawk get into big trouble)
  • Freedom's Wings (sequel to Forerunners of Bosk)
Hawk stories by Delphin Kent/Marilynn Byerly
Professional SF/fantasy author Marilynn Byerly has polished up several great fanfic stories from the past.

Stories and poetry by Trinette L. Kern
  • Awakening - long story from the Thom Christopher Fan Club 1982 yearbook. 

  • Koori - poem from the Thom Christopher Fan Club 1985 yearbook.

Buck Rogers in the 26th Century
Scripts for a new version of the TV series! Many familiar elements but with a new twist to them. Keep checking this site, as new episodes are added regularly.

Hawk's Fight with Buck by Teresa Spanics
An alternative version of the fight scene from "Time of the Hawk" (kindly hosted by Sue Kite)

Buck Rogers stories on
Several of these have Hawk in them. Yay!

Encounters by ladymidath
Buck/Hawk, explicit. ("An encounter on a deserted planet changes Buck and Hawk's friendship forever.")

Time Out by ZzoaozZ
Buck/Hawk, explicit. ("Buck Rogers is determined that Hawk is going to get some much needed rest and recreation.")

NB: More fan fiction can be found in the archives of the Valley of Eagles Fan Group

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