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Hawk, Buck Rogers Time of the Hawk This part of the site offers information about Hawk (Thom Christopher), the bird-man from the second season of the TV show Buck Rogers in the 25th Century -- a character I have been fascinated with since I was a kid. On this site you will find the following information:

About Hawk The basic facts about this character, as well as some unanswered questions.

Some history Background information about the second season of Buck Rogers, and the new characters it introduced (including Hawk, of course)

Playing Hawk Thom Christopher's view on Hawk, including his motivation, preparation, and approach taken in playing Hawk.

BR season 2 episodes Hawk-oriented summaries of all second season episodes of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

Hawk gallery Photo albums with vidcaps (featuring Hawk) from several Buck Rogers episodes.

Hawk news News about Hawk / Thom Christopher / Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Regularly updated. (Also check the Thom Christopher news page for additional, non-Buck Rogers related news and public appareances by Thom Christopher.)

Fan fiction Links to online Hawk fan fiction stories.

Buck Rogers links A list of websites that may be of interest to all Hawk / Buck Rogers fans.


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