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Hawk -- Buck Rogers general -- Buck Rogers actors -- Collectibles -- Fun

A collection of Hawk / Buck Rogers related links. Note that this is not intended to be a complete list.
stargate Buck Rogers

Thom Christopher fans

Mailing list for Thom Christopher fans to share photos, links, thoughts, stories and so on, including his performance as Hawk in the series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. 

Alan Sinclair's Warhawk page
Great drawings and a lot of vidcaps of Hawk's ship.

John Kenneth Muir's reflections on film/TV: Cult TV flashback #114
Interesting review of the episode "Time of the Hawk" and Hawk's role in Buck Rogers season 2. 
Also check out his review of "The Guardians" and more on Time of the Hawk and the rest of S2.

Buck Rogers general

The Official Buck Rogers Website
Official site, but does not contain much information.

Clive Banks' SF and Telefantasy Databanks
Introductory page and episode guide.

TV Show Trivia, Cast and Episodes: Buck Rogers
Just what the title promises.

Ken Larson's Buck Rogers models
Ken Larson built many of the Visual Effects models used for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. Loads of pictures of these models (including season 2, with Hawk's ship, Throm mountains, etc.) can be found here.

Sci Fi Freak Site Buck Rogers Season 2 episode reviews
Season 2 overview and reviews of all S2 episodes. Critical but true.

Yahoo! Buck Rogers
Big Buck Rogers Fan Group, which has been mostly inactive for a while now.

Yahoo! Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Yet another Buck Rogers group; mostly inactive.

Buck Rogers actors

Thom Christopher links
My own collection of non-Hawk related Thom Christopher web pages -- additions are welcome!

Gil Gerard's website

The Official Erin Gray Web Site
A nice Erin Gray page -- endorsed by Erin Gray.

The World of Felix Silla
Homepage of the man in the Twiki suit! (He also played Odee-x in Journey to Oasis.)

Barbara Luna's Official Website
She played Hawk's mate Koori, but is also well-known in SF circles as Lt. Moreau from Star Trek


Still Things SF Collectibles
Lots of wonderful Buck Rogers stills can be purchased here, including great shots of Hawk. Check out the TV Zone Color and B&W! (Also offers filmclip packets and movie posters.)

Jim & Melody's SF&F Memorabilia
Several Buck Rogers memorabilia on sale, including a number of scripts.

Buck Rogers Memorabilia
Everything there is to be collected about the Buck Rogers TV series.

Buck Rogers Props & Costumes
Featuring a nice collection of original costumes and props from the show.

See also Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - A Media and Collectible Resource, 1928-2005


Lt. Moreau meets the Hawks
A great cartoon by Sci-Fi cartoon artist Tye Bourdony. (Check out the LIGHTER SIDE OF SCI-FI for more!)

Hawk action figure
Custom made by Kevin Austin.

Buck Rogers Remake
A cartoon by Marilynn Byerly.

Cheezburger "Caption This" (Testimony of a Traitor)
Funny image captions.

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