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Stories are in chronological order. Descriptions by the author.
  • Both Sides of the Coin (short story) - Trapped with its sensors blinded in an asteroid field, the Searcher sits motionless as the crew waits to hear from Buck who will lead them through with his fighter. When Buck doesn't contact them, Hawk and Wilma must decipher the message he left behind to save him and the Searcher.

  • The Maiden and the Monster (novella) - Its outer solar system encircled by millions of asteroids, the tiny Earth colony hasn’t had contact with other humans for many hundreds of years, then one day, an Earth ship falls from the sky. But the pilot isn’t human. After the strange, frightening creature saves her father from a fang wolf, Lady Corinne Barclay is forced to become the monster’s life prize. Expecting rape or worse, she meets the creature and begins to understand the true definition of “monster.”
Meanwhile, a human enemy plots to destroy them both.

A standalone story with no knowledge of the Buck Rogers series or characters needed.
  • The One (novella) - Wilma and Hawk are kidnapped and taken to a desolate world inhabited by an avian boy and an energy creature with incredible powers and unspeakable plans for any crew member unlucky enough to cross its path. 
  • Hostages to Fortune (novella) - Hawk has escaped death from the nova thanks to the beautiful alien doctor, but can he truly live when he believes he's lost all those he loves once again?
  • The Gift (short story) - When Hawk refuses to allow his half-human brother to share a human Christmas with their friends from the Searcher, Buck calls him Scrooge. Can a gift from Hawk's people's past and a Christmas present change Hawk's heart and Ari's future?
  • At the Ball (very short story) - Buck's lighthearted attempt to make Hawk jealous of Tiber and another man goes disastrously awry.
  • The Final Seduction (short story) - Tiber may finally have found the way to win Hawk as her mate, but will this final seduction win his heart as well?
  • Honor Among Thieves (short story) - Thrown into the past of a parallel universe, Tiber must not only find a way home before this toxic universe kills her, she must also convince a younger, more bitter Hawk that the cost of vengeance may be his honor and his love for Koori.
  • Hawk, the rest of the story - Delphin/Marilynn fills in the holes between her stories and gives her own version of the future for Buck, Hawk, Wilma, and her own original characters.

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