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The materials in the TC Archives (that is, where you are now)  were collected by Marilynn Byerly. Thanks to Marilynn for making them available to the Unofficial Thom Christopher Fansite. All files below (except the promotional pictures) are PDF files.

Note that this part of the website is a work in progress; more materials will be added over time.

adobe pdf

Promotional pictures

A collection of black & white promotional pictures from the 80's, most of which have been signed by Thom Christopher.

"Directions" by Thom Christopher

Thom Christopher answers fan questions in the yearbook of the Thom Christopher Fan Club. Accompanied by rare photo material.  © TCFC

The Thom Christopher Files

A collection of articles, photos, reviews, interviews, and movie posters spanning the period 1972-1985, published by the Thom Christopher Fan Club. 
© TCFC unless indicated otherwise (see credits).
 TCFC Newsletter Articles

A selection of articles from the Thom Christopher Fan Club Newsletters. 
© TCFC or as indicated otherwise.

Magazine articles
  • Thom Christopher, Wendy Graham Interviews the Hawk Man from Buck Rogers for Space Voyager (August/September 1984). NB: this is the original version of the article on p.11/12 of the TC files.
  • Nesting Instincts (2.68 MB) "At Home" article from Episodes Magazine (Sept/October 1992) about Thom's apartment
  • CFQ Buck Rogers retrospective (3.31 MB) Feb/March 2005

 Radio interview

Radio interview with Dave Hinman on WMT-AM, March 18, 1982. It was transcribed by Joni Gillispie. 

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