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Carlo Hesser in 2005

At odds with Asa -- Carlo Hesser in prison

Carlo Hesser is like a cat with nine lives... He gets killed again and again, but sooner or later he always returns to stir things up in Llanview. Here you find the story of his latest come-back.

NB: Thanks are due to Marilynn for the episode summaries (Asa plot) and to Jimma for the vidcaps.

At odds with Asa

On June 8, 2005, we see Asa Buchanan meeting his arch enemy Carlo Hesser in a hotel in Argentina. Asa tells Carlo that he will free him of the debt of the $30 million he stole in 1997, if Carlo agrees to kill Blair for him. Carlo agrees and returns to Llanview.
Carlo Hesser and Asa Buchanan 2005
Carlo Hesser and Renee Buchanan
When Asa and Carlo are discussing their plan Asa's wife Renee, who is a former flame of Carlo's, walks in on them. Carlo puts on the charm, and Asa is not amused... Asa gets Renee to leave, and then tells Carlo he must kill Blair in person rather than having his henchmen do the job. It is either that or go to jail, and Carlo grudgingly accepts the ultimatum.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, Carlo's men capture Asa's grandson Duke and his girlfriend Adrianna, who had been eavesdropping on Asa and Carlo's meeting in the hotel.
Carlo sneaks into Blair's apartment dressed in a security outfit. Blair arrives and they struggle. Carlo tells her it's strictly business and if she holds still it won't hurt, but then Bo and two policemen walk in. Using Blair as a shield, Carlo backs out of the apartment. But Blair's husband Todd is just outside the door and punches him out.
Carlo as security officer, 2005
Carlo threatening to shoot Blair, 2005
In the police station, Carlo tells Todd and Blair that Asa paid him to murder Blair. Then Asa (who has been arrested), Renee, and Bo walk in and Renee, although she believes Asa guilty, says that it's a lie, and that Carlo hates Asa and will do anything to hurt him.

Blair insists that Asa was the man who shoved her into a mental institution against her will. But the head doctor and nurse of the mental institution are brought in, and they say that it was Carlo posing as Asa who committed her.
Carlo at police station, 2005
Carlo, who until now has looked smug and calm, is stunned and realizes how he's been set up by Asa. He's given his one call, and he contacts his hoods to tell them to kill the grandson and the girl if they don't hear from him in 24 hours, then he's dragged into a cell.

Asa goes into the cells to visit Carlo so he can gloat, but Carlo smiles and tells him he still has an ace up his sleeve...
Carlo has an ace up his sleeve, 2005
Asa calls a number Carlo gives him and speaks to Duke who tells him he and Adrianna are being held. Badly shaken, Asa demands their freedom from Carlo. Carlo's price: his release from jail with all charges against him dropped, and Asa must confess to what he did to Blair and Carlo.

Asa tells Bo and Kevin (Duke's dad) about Carlo's threat. Carlo tells them he wants immunity from prosecution, a ticket out of the US, and Asa's confession. Bo blusters a bit about not making deals, but Asa agrees to write out a confession and proceeds to do so.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, Duke and Adrianna manage to escape. Asa is signing his confession when Duke calls him. He rips up the confession and tosses it all over Carlo while he gloats that Carlo can't ever beat a Buchanan, any of them.

Carlo gives him a look that doesn't bode well for anyone named Buchanan.

Carlo Hesser in prison

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