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1992-1993: The early years -- 1996-1997: Carlo's return -- 1998: Carlo in Hell -- Storyline links

Carlo Hesser and Alex Olanov, wedding one In the 90's, Carlo Hesser was the crime lord of Llanview; a classic villain with style. According to many viewers, the 'new' Carlo of 2005 is not even a shadow of his former self... So let's briefly summarize what 'classic' Carlo used to be up to!

1992-1993: The early years

In 1990, Carlo Hesser first appeared as a drug trafficker in Llanview. He had a son Johnny and a daughter Charlotte. When Johnny was killed (as it later turned out, by the alter-ego of Viki Lord) this started Carlo's ever-lasting feud against the leading family of Llanview, the Buchanans.

Alex Olanov and Mortimer Bern In 1992, Carlo reluctantly married Alex Olanov to keep her from testifying against him in court. However they soon became lovers, engaging in kinky sex games and having a very stormy relationship. According to some, they were one of the hottest couples in OLTL history. All the while, however, Carlo kept a weak spot for his old flame Renee Divine, now the wife of Asa Buchanan, the patriarch of the Buchanan family.

As these things go on soap operas, Carlo Hesser was killed several times on the show. The first time was in 1992, when his niece Stephanie shot him after she found out he had killed her father (Carlo's brother). However, Carlo was soon replaced by a look-a-like: the nerdy Egyptiologist Mortimer Bern (see picture on the left), who later turned out to be Carlo's twin brother. Carlo's widow Alex succesfully managed to transform the kind Mortimer into a new Carlo, but after a visit from his mother Mortimer came to his senses and disappeared from Llanview.

1996-1997: Carlo's return

In 1996, Carlo Hesser returned from the dead. Asa Buchanan (now married to Carlo Hesser's widow Alex Olanov) entered into a business venture with the mysterious "Poseidon" who later turned out to be none other than Carlo Hesser! The bullets fired by Stephanie had been blanks and a body had been switched for his at the morgue. Looking for a new heir to his crime empire, Carlo made Antonio Vega his surrogate son.

Alex left Asa and got together with Carlo again. She made Carlo think she was pregnant, but at Carlo and Alex second wedding she was exposed by Asa. (Click here to see a transcript -- with lots of pictures! -- of a Carlo Hesser / Todd and Blair scene where Todd is teasing Carlo with his "baby".)

Carlo's body floating in the water Soon Carlo managed to make everybody in Llanview hate him (again). So when at a gala on board a yacht, he was found floating in the water with a bullet in his head, there were numerous suspects for his murder. In the end, it turned out that it was Alex who shot Carlo. Mortimer Bern was called in as a witness, only to disappear with $30 million that was originally stolen from Asa Buchanan by Poseidon. Later, he came back for Alex and together they sailed off into the sunset.

Since then, rumour has it that the person whom Alex killed was really Mortimer Bern and not Carlo... which leaves the way open for yet another reappearance of Carlo!

1998: Carlo in Hell

In 1998 Thom Christopher briefly returned to OLTL, for a dream scene in which Carlo Hesser gave Dorian a tour of Hell while she was in a coma.

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For more detailed descriptions of Carlo's classic storylines, use the following links:

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