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Thom Christopher

recent picture To science fiction fans Thom Christopher is best-known as Hawk, the bird-man from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, and to soap opera viewers as Colonel Dax from Guiding Light and Carlo Hesser from One Life to Live. Others may know him from his performance as Aristotle Onassis in Jackie, Ethel, Joan - The Kennedy Women or from any of his numerous other performances, be it on TV, film, or stage. On this site you will find the following information:

About Thom Some recent interviews and biographical information. (Under construction.)

News / appearances Information about Thom Christopher's upcoming and past public appearances, plus other news, if any.

Film credits An overview of all movies Thom Christopher has appeared in.

TV credits An overview of all TV shows Thom Christopher has appeared in, as a guest actor or as a regular cast member.

Stage / other Overview of Thom Christopher's stage credits as well as other performances, including those as a voice actor.

Gallery Albums with pictures from Thom Christopher 's various movies and TV shows (except Buck Rogers, for which a separate Gallery can be found here).

Archives A collection of Thom Christopher photos and articles, including some exclusive material that was originally published by the Thom Christopher Fan Club in the eighties.

Links A list of websites that may be of interest to all Thom Christopher fans.

Parts of this website are still under construction. Updates are listed under What's new.

Note from the webmaster (Mariet): My interest for Thom Christopher as an actor was triggered by his performance as Hawk, which is why I devoted a big part of this site to that character.

Please note that this fan site is not intended to infringe upon anyone's copyright in any way. If you own the copyright for anything on this site, and would like it removed, please contact the webmaster (Mariet).