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REGULAR title / year

One Life to Live (1990-1993/1996-1997/1998,
2005, 2008)

Carlo Hesser / Mortimer Bern
IMDb logo
Guiding Light (1999-2004) Col. Dax IMDb logo
Loving (1993-1994) Dante Partou
IMDb logo
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1981) Hawk IMDb logo
Love of Life (1977) Earl Merrick IMDb logo
The Edge of Night (1974) Noel Douglas (#1) IMDb logo

GUEST title / year

Law and Order (2004)
Alferandi Dilmanian
Caviar Emptor
IMDb logo
Law & Order Criminal Intent (2004)
Judge Walton
The Saint
IMDb logo
Law & Order (2000) Dr Bertram Stokes Stiff
IMDb logo
Murder She Wrote (1989) Dimitri Popadopalous Appointment in Athens
IMDb logo
Murder She Wrote (1987) Rev. Willard Manchester
Trouble in Eden
IMDb logo
Simon & Simon (1987) Gary Radcliffe Lost Lady
IMDb logo
Hunter (1986) Hasseb Hamza 62 Hours of Terror
IMDb logo
TJ Hooker (1984) Paul Gavin Death Strip
IMDb logo
Simon & Simon (1983) Sid Castle All Your Favorite Games
IMDb logo
The Renegades (1983) Tony Gunn Target: Marciano
IMDb logo
TJ Hooker (1983) Harry Cort Too Late for Love
IMDb logo
Simon & Simon (1982) The Priest The 10.000 Dollar Deductible
IMDb logo
McClain's Law (1981) Phillip Kano Requiem for a Narc
IMDb logo
Eddie Capra Mysteries (1978-79?) ? ?
IMDb logo
Kojak (1976) Capt. Juan Vida
A Shield for Murder pt. 2
IMDb logo
Harry O (1976) Paul Rosenman Death Certificate
IMDb logo
The Rookies (1976) Peter Johnston Sudden Death
IMDb logo
Cannon (1975) Paul Rogan The Hero
IMDb logo
Movin' On (1975) Hank From Baltimore to Eternity
IMDb logo

TC as Dax Guiding Light (1999-2004)

Thom Christopher as Carlo HesserOne Life to Live (1990-1993 / 1996-1997, 1998, 2005, 2008)

( more to come!)

(probably) Paul Gavin TJ Hooker (1983 and 1984)

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