RVTools is a small .NET 2.0 application which uses the VI SDK to display the version of the installed VMware tools. It also shows if the tools are upgradeable. The button "Upgrade VMware Tools" starts an UpgradeTools_Task for every selected VM.

RVTools screen shot

If you think this is useful information please download the application, try it and let me know by mail what you think about it. You can find my email address in the help, about box of the application.

Note: This application only supports ESX Server 3.x, VirtualCenter 2.x and ESX Server 3i.

Version 1.1

Changes: May 10, 2008

  • You can copy the selected datagrid values with ctrl-c to the clipboard. The header text is automatically included. After this you can paste the clipboard data to your favorite editor.

  • The login form remembers the names and/or IP addresses of the entered ESX hosts and/or VirtualCenter servers.

  • You can use a filter to display only the "templates" or "virtual machines".

  • Annotations "notes" field is visible in the datagrid.

Download version 1.1 now!