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Just a Stone Away

So who the ***** is JackDaniels ? Well, JD is a 45-year old Stonesfan with StonesMusic flowing through all his veins ("My Flow Of Energy"). Let me explain a little:


It was somewhere in 1971 when my older sister lets me -at age 12- listen to the live album "Gimme Shelter", a compilation of "Get Yer Ya-Yah's Out" and "Got Life If You Want It.". Especially Honky Tonk Women made my day. It took me some time however to realise I had become a Stonesfan. At first it was blues in general that grabbed me: John Mayall, Alvin Lee, Allman Brothers Band, and later on rock-bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and a lot of others I listened to. At age 14 I bought MyFirstStonesAlbum: Goats Head Soup. Although Angie was very nice, my main attention was drawn to songs like Winter, DooDooDooDoo, Coming Down Again, Hide Your Love. To this day I still consider Goat's Head Soup, altough certainly not their best, a very underrated album.


While growing up and looking forward to my first Stones Concert already there was talk of 'their last concert' every time they went on tour. And that has been so until today. When I was 17, I should have gone to the concert in The Hague, Zuiderpark in 1976. I don't really remember whyI did not attend that concert. It must have been erased from my mind....tickets sold out .... whatever. Well we all have our youth trauma's and this was probably mine . sun02.gif

 So MyFirstStonesConcert was to be in "De Kuip" in Rotterdam in june 4, 1982. And to do some catching up I also went on june 5th. At that time I had bought about twenty tickets for all my friends (which they paid for, of course) divided over these two dates. And it was great fun. I smuggled in my Pentax Camera with 200 mm Zoom and made some pics, amongst which two great close-up's of Keith an Mick. At a certain point Mick threw buckets of water into the audience. I was sitting at the end of the 'catwalk' (where Mick was running to frequently to meet the audience at both sides of the stadium) at the righthand side. A perfect spot to make some photographs. I knew he had seen me and at one time he took a bucket of water and made the move to throw it in my direction. As I saw this coming I quickly wrapped my camera in a towel which was hanging over my shoulder (I had hid the camera in the towel when we went through the gates). For some (other) pics of this concert go to this.

 The Great "Silence"

Then from '82 it became silent until The Urban Jungle Tour started the nineties. Although they made some albums and did some other things during the Eighties. For me, they had actually stopped !!! My interest was at an all time low in that period. Working an my career, falling in love, in short I was too busy. And the Stones-peak was over too. The level they had reached in the end sixties, beginning seventies was gone. I did buy albums like Dirty Work, Emotional Rescue and Undercover merely to keep my collection complete. I rarely listened to them, and still don't. Tattoo You was an exception in the eighties, but then again it was old material from the seventies. Steel Wheels did wake me up. It still didn't bring back the 'quality' of the seventies but it was a lot better then its predecessors. And then, after a long wait, I finally went to my third Stones Concert: May 21, 1990 in "De Kuip" in Rotterdam again.

 The Stones Concert Decade

In the nineties we all could enjoy some great concerts ata large number of cities in The Netherlands: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Groningen, The Hague, Landgraaf and Nijmegen. It proves that The Netherlands has a relative great number of StonesFans in relation to other European countries. And we get rewarded for that in every tour.

 The Greatest Rock'n Roll Band in the World

And now we're in the 21st century. And .... they're still here. 60 and still rockin'. All talk about they're being too old, their musical technical quality is deteriorating.... Personally I think it's all a non-discussion. Of course they are old and of course their technical skills are (maybe) not wat it used to be. So What!!!. They are 60+ !!! They have entered the league of the other great blues and soul artists: John Lee Hooker, B.B.King, Muddy Waters, and so on. Playing until you drop. I for one certainly hope that the Stones still have the energy, stamina to hold on, to keep on playing. I don't mind them ending up at The North Sea Jazz Festival.


They were, are and ever will be ....


The Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band in The World.