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Just a Stone Away

So here I present you:   The Rolling Stones.
First of all their history, The Stone Ages. From my perspective you can divide their career into four Timeslots. In these four timeslots the band has changed from a rhythm & blues band into a "family-owned business".
At this page you'll find an overview of the Band's past en present members and other people involved in making the Stones-story reality.
Finally you can read about the diversity of
musical styles the Rolling Stones master. And where their own style comes from. This diversity of musical styles is the very reason for my Stonespassion.

Stone Ages

When you look at the Music of the Stones from a historical perspective you can divide their career in four timeslots:


 The Band

"The Band" of The Rolling Stones are in fact just a bunch of great musicians, technicians and management around a core group who call themselves The Rolling Stones. I hope next (most certainly not complete) list will give you some more insight in who's who and doing what (please click on the picture):

Musical Styles

The Rolling Stones master a variety of musical styles. As they started out with rythm&Blues and rock and roll a la Chuck Berry, soon they adopted and covered soul-ballads, blues-songs up and until pop-songs. Later, influenced by other musicians and trends, they experimented and mastered various other musical styles. Next you'll find a list of musical styles and how they were influenced by them (click on the picture):