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 A Bigger Bang

Well ...... The New Album is here. We've been waiting for it for years now. 8 years to be precise. During the Licks Tour "they" said "they" were recording songs. About 20 or 30 of them. But except for the new songs we heard of the 40Licks Album and some outtakes on Four Flicks, we got nothing ...!?
Then a radiosilence followed, Charlie got severely ill (but recovered ... Thank God), and rumours grew and grew. And now it's finally here....
A Bigger Bang.
A title which apparently reflects their "
Fascination with the scientific theory about the origin of the universe." A notion which raises intriguing images of Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie sitting around the studio reading Stephen Hawking for inspiration.

Co-produced by Don Was and the band, the album was recorded in sessions in Paris at the end of 2004 and spring/early summer this year and mixed in Los Angeles.
It will probably be their last studio album. Given the long gaps between albums these days, the Stones will be in their 70s before another is due.


At this page I will review the infividual tracks as they come available according to the JD-rating System.

            BAD Stones performance  (1, 2, or 3 in a rating from 1-10)
MEDIOCRE Stones Performance (4 or 5 in a rating of 1-10)
GOOD Stones performance  (6, 7 or 8 in a rating of 1-10)
Stones CLASSIC   (9 in a rating of 1-10)
WARHORSE (10 in a rating of 1-10)

 The following review  is based on my personal opinion except when otherwise noted

(7/10)       ROUGH JUSTICE  
A true fast rocker in the tradition of "When The Whip Comes Down", Too Tight, Flip The Switch, just to name a few. Although I am not a great fan of these fast-rockers I can keep on playing this one. I am very curious as to how it sounds live. The videoclip from Phoenix Theater, Toronto (Aug 1, 2005) promises a lot ! I think this one a grade better than ONNYA.

(6/10)      LET ME DOWN SLOW  
This is an up-tempo Country-rock song with a simple melody. So far nothing special. In fact it's a bit boring. It's been good performed though; The chorus could be a 'singalong' live ...?  

(9/10)  IT WON'T TAKE LONG  
This is one of the best songs of the album, for me already amongst the Classics. This slides in easily between Jumping Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women and Gimme Shelter. I hope they play this one live too. And then it most certainly will be considered a Warhorse???. This one's still growing on me. ("
Life is short,... One look and it's over...")

(9/10)   RAIN FELL DOWN  
This one has a real tight funky groove. GREAT. Comes from the school of Everything 's turning to gold, Emotional Rescue, Sexdrive and Dance; but Rain Fall Down is much much better. It has the better ingredients of all its predecessors, and great lyrics not to forget.  I Like this!!  I want to hear this one live and dance, dance...until I fall down. It has also potential of becoming a Warhorse for me!.

This ballad is released as first single in august. It's not my favourite, but It could be a 'hit' with new young Stones fans. Who knows?. However to me this is a very mediocre ballad. From what I've heard so far there are much better songs (luckily) on the album.

In the pre-announcements there was a promise of "a raw, rough-edged new song in the classic Rolling Stones blues style" . And that promise has come true completely. It is a plain and simple blues from the old-chicago style. It has John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and a touch of Howlin' Wolf written all over it. One can keep on playing this tune over and over again. It will never bore you. This is TOP. Although maybe a bit premature I will have to classify this as a StonesClassic !!. An don't forget to look at the "Phoenix-video" on ........potentially a Warhorse ??

  (8/10)   SHE SAW ME COMING
Bluesy type of rock-song. Sounds raw. Could have been on Some Girls ?? ("
She Saw Me Coming, I Was Served Up On Her Grill...."). Great rythm, good song. Play it Live !!

Sounds OK, nothing really special. Though this ballad does something more than Streets Of Love, it's just a good song. Mick full of regrets. (Bit late maybe...?)

Come on in, Bare your breasts, And make me feel at home..."  Great Keith ballad. In the spirit of "the Honeymoon Tapes". Fireplace lit, a glass of JackDaniels and .... ? I have to let this ripen a bit (as with most of Keith's ballad's), but in time it will most certainly deserve a place between all other Keith's classics.

fast-rocker again that has been played at the pressconference of the -then called- "On Stage Tour". The studioversion sounds better though. As I said before, fast-rockers are 'not my cup of tea', but as I am a positive Stonesfan I have to rate this as a Good Stones Performance. But it probably won't come any further than that!?.

A good rock-song. Could have been on Voodoo Lounge or on one of Keith's solo-albums. Pounding Bass and Drum play underneath a hard-hitting basic guitar riff. The guitar-solo (a nice one too) comes just at the right time. Otherwise it would have become a bit boring.

Great, YES,.... Great Rythm & Blues. Or is it a Soul ballad. I love this. Do I Hear Jimmy Reed? No it must be Mick! What can I say more. This is one of the greatest Stonesballads Mick has ever sung. With the emotions of Fool To Cry, a tight rhythm and beautifull gentle guitarlicks this can easily be categorized as a StonesClassic !!!

Politically painted rock and roll. Mick jagger being honest here or trying to make a publicity-stunt ? Personally I think he's trying to make a statement (as they have done before). Besides that a good Stonessong with great potential live. (pity they didn't play it at Phoenix)

Sounds 'attractive'. Funky rocker. Has to be played live!.

Again a Good Stones-rocker ready to be played live. The start looks a lot like Just Another Night (solo Mick Jagger). Anyway, good guitarplay by Ronnie and Keith. Great Bass-groove in the end.

   (7/10)  INFAMY
Sounds good, bit reggae as we are used from Keith.