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Every Stonesfan has its favourite Stonesalbum. However there is a certain pattern in the categorization of 'best of' the Stones Albums. Using the JD's Rating System I want to share my toughts with you about how I think about the Official Stones Albums and their songs.

If you want to send in your review and want to be added here, don't hesitate to do so. Only condition is that you use the JD's Rating System to categorize the songs and that you put your personal feelings about these song on paper with it

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The following album reviews are available:
hen "(under construction)" the review is not yet available. When you see a yellow link you can go to the review by clicking on it. In the review one can click on the titile to see the lyrics (when available). When clicking on the ablumcover, then you go to the amazonclips where you can listen parts of songs)

1963 - 1968  Making Fame

  • (6/10)  The Rolling Stones/England's Newest Hitmakers (1964) (under construction)
  •  (6/10) The Rolling Stones no.2/Now (1965)(under construction)

1968 - 1974 Ladies & Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones

  • (9/10) Sticky FIngers (1971) (under construction)

1975 - 1988  Through Midlife Crises


1989 - NOW  "And The Show Must Go On"

  •  (7,6/10)  Steel Wheels (1989) (under construction)
  •  (7,5/10) Voodoo Lounge (1993) (under construction)
  •  (7,3/10) Bridges To Babylon (1998) (under construction)