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Just a Stone Away

When you look at the Music of the Stones from a historical perspective you can divide their career in four timeslots:  


Here you'll find my list of Stones Music categorised in the above mentioned timeslots:

Official Rolling Stones Recordings ,
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 Rolling Stones Bootlegs ,
Vinyl recordings
Live Concerts and Rehearsals
Outtakes and rare recordings

 Rolling Stones DVD's and Videos ,

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Other memorabilia I collect are:

 Books about the Stones,

 Concerttickets of the gigs I attended and

Concert-pictures of  
1.  De Kuip, Rotterdam in '81 
2. Stade de France, Paris 2006 and
3. Amsterdam Arena 2006.
4. John Mayall in Avignon, 2006
5. Bo Diddley in Melkweg in Amsterdam, 2006

If you want to trade (only Bootlegs are for trading) with me the following rules apply:   

I only trade CDR's (so no DVD's and/or video's). Burn DAO (Disk-At-Once) ONLY, and on decent quality CDR's (80 minutes only). Watch out for the split-second pauses between live songs (if you have any doubt please mail me). Send cd's without jewel cases, be sure you wrap up each cd individually and safely; use padded envelope. I do not scan or print covers. There are plenty of sites where you can find the proper covers. In exceptional cases I will send them to you by e-mail. I will not trade everything. It will depend on the situation. I will trade for blanks if you don't have anything to trade with. And finally: you approach me: you send first, I approach you, I send first.!!  

But please e-mail me first: