JD's Wild Horses








Just a Stone Away

1962-1967  "Making Fame"

After Mick and Keith met in the train from Dartford to London in 1960 it would take two more years before they really took of as a band. July 12, 1962 Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Ian Stewart, Dick Taylor and Mick Avory (later the drummer for The Kinks) played at The Marquee. Later that year Bill Wyman replaces Dick Taylor and beginning '63 Charlie Watts joins the Band for Mick Avory. In april-may 1963 they sign a contract with Decca under the management of Andrew Loog Oldham. Oldham places Ian Stewart (Stu) outside the band (Stu will act as a studio-mucision, road-manager and 'older brother' until his untimely death in 1985).
In this phase they start of as a rhythm & blues coverband with hits like
Route '66, Not Fade Away, Time is on My Side, Around and Around and It's All Over Now. Just to name a few! Based on their 'heroes' Chuck Berry, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, Howlin Wolf, and so on.

Oldham 'forced' Jagger & Richards to start writing their own songs. At first the produced typical "pop"songs but in 1965 they had learned to write the first real Stones-hits: Heart Of Stone, The Last Time, Satisfaction, Get Off Off My Cloud en Paint It Black in 1966. In that year their first album with only Jagger & Richards songs appeared: Aftermath. In 1965 Allen Klein becomes the "co-manager" of the Stones.

Satisfaction 'made the band' (Mick Jagger). It put them on the map next to the Beatles. In the press it seemed a harsh competition between the two bands. In reality they had good contact (even as far as phoning each other when they would plan to bring out their next single-releases).
In 1967 the first drugs arrests take place. Brian Jones is even sentenced to 9 months jail, but the sentence is revoked. The position of Brian in the band is worsening. During the recordings of "
Their Satanic Majesties Requests" drugs play an eminent role. Andrew Oldham leaves halfway these recordings. One of their worst albums is the result.

After the tour in '67 they will not play again for two and a half years. During that time Keith learns to play different styles and new licks of guitarplaying.