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Just a Stone Away

1975-1988 "SHATTERED"

Ron Wood becomes the 'fifth' Stone instead of Mick Taylor. He and Keith will introduce the 'ancient form of weaving' where no one guitarist can claim to be the 'solo-guitarist' and the other the rhythm guitar-player. Under the influence of Billy Preston (and also Ronnie Wood) they introduce new musical styles into their repertoire: Disco (Miss You), Funk, Reggae, and Punk-like music (Shattered, Lies). For me only three good albums were released (and I know that there are a lot of people that disagree, bu this is my website so....:)): Black and Blue, Some Girls (the only one that would fit in the previous era) and Tattoo You (which mainly existed out of earlier recording).

After the phase of "Greatness" the Rolling Stones become more and more involved with drugs, (lack of) money, women, and so on. The image-building term Sex, Drugs and Rock'n Roll becomes reality. Because of Keiths drug-abuse The Stones get into real problems in 1977. In Canada Keith faces jail-time. In 1978 he gets away from that by playing some charity concerts (for blind children). Keith now tries to stop with drugs and because of that he tries to get his influence back in the band. This worsens his relationship with Mick.
In '79 the first solo-actions are being undertaken (Mick's single with Peter Tosh, Keith and Ronnie in The New Barbarians). After '82 their relationship was at an all-time low and they stopped touring. In the following years they produced some minor albums (
Emotional Rescue, Undercover, Dirty Work) and focussed on developing their solo-careers.Tragically in that time Ian Stewart (STU) died from a heartattack in 1985. Beginning 1986 the Rolling Stones come together in the 100-Club in London to play a trbute concert for Stu. Only friends were present. Perhaps this was the beginning of a new an better relationship between the band-members?

Finally at the end of the eighties they come to their senses for whatever reason (money, music, failing solo-careers). At May 18, 1988 they 'made piece' between them and decide to start recording and touring again.