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Just a Stone Away

1989-now  "And The Show Must Go On...."

In March 1989 they sign a contract with Michael Cohl's Concert Productions. In 1989 they release Steel Wheels and with the accompanying Urban Jungle tour they put themselves back on the Rock ' Roll Map.

The Rolling Stones have now become a mature and professional business. The albums, tours, ticket-selling and -pricing, merchandise, publicity is all orchestrated in a perfect way. When Internet becomes fashion the Stones are amongst the first to make use of that (also in concerts). Where they already trendsetters in live concerts. Their tours in the nineties extended the already existing concepts. Playing in Stadiums, Arena's and Theatres in the same tour shows they control both their creative and logistical skills to the utmost.

From 1989 until today the Rolling Stones Corporation has only improved itself. The gentlemen themselves -however- have become older, much older. Their musical quality doesn't have that roughness and spontaneity from their second era ('68-74) but then again, their age allows them to.

Musically they bring their 'old' styles as well as new experiments (Bridges to Babylon). All three studio-albums Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge and Bridges to Babylon are different. They cannot be compared to their best albums in the period of '68-'74. They have to be looked at from the perspective of the nineties and the 'old' age of the Rock and Roll 'Gentlemen'. Although they have never been very good in producing live albums, they release four of them in this period. With Stripped as one of the better ones. Four Flicks however is a major step in bringing audio and video together. The latest technology has been used in this DVD-set. If only this technology was available in the beginning of the seventies (....).

They now have reached the stage that they have become icons of the Rock and Roll. They are in the same league as their predecessors, dead or alive. Maybe even greater. But I might be prejudiced.