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Just a Stone Away



Being the second, he is known as the sixth Rolling Stone.(www.rocksoff.org/ian.htm)

Ian Stewart was the second Rolling Stone after Brian Jones and before all others. He was the first to respond Brian's ad in Jazz News; he joined Brian and Jeff Bradford. Then Mick Jagger met them at the Ealing R&B Club and joined their rehearsals, bringing his mates Keith Richards and Dick Taylor. Stu was the first person Keith met when he auditioned for the job.

This cd is a compilation of recordings Stu made with the Stones, either bootlegged or official, studio or live. It is part of a trilogie

CD1 "Sixth Stone...always there" ('62-'67)   Click here for Covers

CD2:"A Bit Faster Stu..."  ('68-'83)      Click here for Covers

CD3: "The Last Time...what a shame"   Click here for Covers

Enjoy and listen (sometimes carefully) to the fantastic piano and organ sounds accompanying these Stones songs (here the Stones are nothing more but a decor for Stu's piano-playing.)

Special credits go to Xpensivewino56 and Hans1950 from the Dutch Stonesforum for supplying me with ideas and Stu-tracks for this recording.