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The Stones have made and played some of the most beautiful ballads, either being country- or soul-based or more 'stones'-style


In Memory Motel I tried to gather the "best of" their balled-like tunes (that is .... the ones I like best).


This is the Tracklist:

1. Lady Jane
2. Angie
3. Shine a Light
4. Melody
5. Fool to Cry
6. Indian Girl
7. All About You
8. Worried About You (live)
9. Tops
10. No Use In Crying
11. Sleep Tonight
12. Almost Hear You Sigh
13. Out of Tears (live)
14. Sweethearts Together
15. Anybody Seen My Baby
16. How Can I Stop



 TIP: for those fans whose spouse is not very into Stones-music this one will do the trick: some candlelight, rocking chair on the porch, red wine and this cd in the back ground. She(/he)'ll never know it's the Stones. And in the end you'll get the remark: "now .. this is nice music, much better then that crap you're always playing (..)" And then .... well that's up to you :-))

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