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In this day and age of superb technical audio and video facilities it is perfectly possible to make your own "Stonesalbums" out of the material you own. So I did!! Of course only for personal use (in my car).

The compilations you'll find here are NOT FOR SALE !!! They are examples of how you can make Stonesmusic even more fun. You are only allowed to make these compilations if you have the original recordings in your posession (legally) !!!

Head Heart & Balls
Head, Heart and Balls, A selection of Stones and KR Solo nrs where Keith is singing (without Mick). Compiled with the help of Gillespy (who did the beautiful artwork) and other members of the StonesForum
Head is a compilation of the best official nrs Keith has sung (both Stones and KR-solo)
Heart is a compilation of numbers Keith has sung on bootleg-albums
Balls is a compilation of rare numbers Keith has sung.

Memory Motel
Memory Motel, A selection StonesBallads:

In Stu's Honour
In Stu's Honour, A Selection of Rythm&Blues songs Ian Stewart (STU) played together with the Rolling Stones:

Straight From The Vault
Straight From The Vault is a compilation of 'lost' recordings from the Stones over the last 30 years or so. Recordings of songs they never published officially but that are available on many bootlegs with so-called outtakes. I made this compilation as a reaction to the release of "Live Licks" as they should have released a studio-album instead (at least that is my opinion). The tracklist originates from Chris M.'s Revelations about "Lost Recording Sessions"

Losing My Touch
In honour of Keith's 61 Birthday.

Something Else
In honour of Keith's 62 Birthday.

Rollin' Stone Blues
Rollin' Stone Blues is a compilation of their best Blues recordings. CD1 is an overview of the blues-songs they have made themselves (written by Jagger & Richards); CD2 consists of the covers of famous Bluesartists (like Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, and so on)

Still to be produced:

Stone Ages
- Making Fame
- Ladies & Gentlemen ..... The Rolling Stones
- CD 1: Warhorses
- CD 2: Wild Horses
- Shattered ('Through Midlife Crises')
... And On With The Show

Diamond Stones aka Gems

Country Rocks
Compilation of Country-style songs (inspired by Gram Parsons, amongs others): e.g. Wild Horses, Let It Bleed, Far Away Eyes, etc.