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Something Else

 From 1940-1960 it was common for songwriters to write songs that were being sung by different singers. If such a song was very popular it became a 'standard'.
A 'Crooner' is a singer of american 'standards'. Their style was characterized by a relaxed and intimate posture by the performer, singing in a soft low tone in a sentimental manner.
Keith Richards is known as  “Mr. Rock 'n Roll” . Most fans adore him because of his rugged image. His most 'famous' songs are 'Happy', 'Before They Make Me Run' and others all in the 'Chuck Berry'  tradition. What most fans do NOT know is that Keith has an other side, next to his Rock & Roll 'image'. To be able to see that 'side' we must go back to his youth: After his parents divorce he was raised by his mum. "My mother played me jazz and all the standards. That stuff just drips off of me" , according to Keith himself. Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Cole Porter, Hoagie Carmichael were the songwriters/performers that influenced Keith in that period.
On several occassions during his Stones-career he has showed his crooner-skills. He -especially- played some melancholic "un-Stones-like" songs during his stay in Toronto (1977), pre-rehearsals at LongviewFarm (1981) and sessions at Finisterra Hotel, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (1983) during his marriage with Patti Hansen. Later he also recorded some beautiful ballads with the Xpensive Winos and The Rolling Stones. It seems that while getting older more and more Keith wants to show his 'real self' in spite of the image he has build up in the last fourty years.

Not that we care, as we are getting older ourselves too..............

Please note this compilation also contains official work and is therefor NOT for sale or trade. So if your're a Stonescollector then this one you can make yourself. Have fun.