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Straight From The Vault is a compilation of recordings the Stones should have released by now, the Alternative Studio Album in 2004. The Tracklist is based on ideas I got from reading Chris M.'s webpages "Lost Recording Sessions". I made a compilation of the best outtakes there are as far as musical and sound quality are cncerned on one cd as the Stones would have probably release a studion album of one cd.

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This is the Tracklist :

1. Highway Child (MJ/KR); Probably  recorded at KR's house: Redlands, West Wittering, Sussex UK, February 1968. It has the potential to become a great Rock-Classic: a true “Warhorse”! JUST LISTEN AND ROCK.
2. Criss Cross (MJ/KR); Island Recording Studio s, London, from May 28, 1973 on. Also known as “Save Me”. This version is from “Dancing So Free” where Mickboy re-mixed all Goat's Head Soup titles, including this one. For me one of the best songs of this compilation.
3. Fiji Jim (MJ/KR/RW); Pathe Marconi Studio's Boulogne-Billancourt. Jan.-March 1978. Swamp rockin' boogie! Coolest chops since Dance Little Sister. Never commercially seen the light of day. What A Shame. Similar to Break The Spell from "Steel Wheels", except it's a much stronger track. Chalked full of names and numerology, which is a bit unusual for Stones lyrics. Jagger delivers a strong vocal with just the essential edge of raspyness. Billy Dean is quite a character, and would clearly fit in with the crowd at the Voodoo Lounge!
4. What Gives You The Right (MJ/KR); Redorded at RCA studio's, Los Angeles, Aug – Sept'78. A typical Stones ballad where country, blues and soul influences are merged. A nice pedal-steel guitar to finish it of. It again shows the Stones are not “just” a Rock-band as they “own” many musical styles.
5. FancyMan Blues (MJ/KR);Air Studio's Montserrat West-Indies, March-May 1989; Was released on cd-single Mixed Emotions, but never on any  album. Back to the blues-roots.
6. We Had It All (T.Seals/D.Fritts); Pathe-Marconi Studio's, Boulogne-Billancourt, during various  sessions from june until september 1979. In every Stonesalbum there is and should be a song where Keith does the lead-vocals.I choose this one because of the melancholy  atmosphere Keith is always able to produce.
7. Drift Away (Williams); Recorded at Stargroves (MJ's house), Newbury,april '74 or at Island Recording Studio's London, may'74. With Billy Preston on organ. Could be a great song to play live. Lots of 'sing-a-long' opportunites.
8. Too Many Cooks (MJ), Record Plant Studios, LA, Nov. '73 or May'74.  This is a very interesting pre-funk soul number with great horns and an excellent vocal by Jagger. In many ways the song is years ahead of it's time. Sadly, it was not released soon after it was recorded in the early Seventies. It would have been ground breaking at the time. Technically, it's not a Rolling Stones song, but another early flirtation by Jagger to address a solo career. The Bandline-up was: M.Jagger, J.Keltner, A.Kooper, H.Nilsson, B.Keys, J.Davis, T.Lawrence, D. Kortchmar. Produced by John Lennon.
9. Do You Think I Really Care (MJ/KR); Pathe Marconi Studio's Boulogne-Billancourt. Jan.-March 1978. Also known as “Yellow Cab”. An unfinished track with potential. A meandering little country song with just the right amount of Telecaster "twang". Arguably a stronger number than Far Away Eyes. Tasteful piano lines fill the voids. Jagger seems pleased with the track as they're going through it, and they went to the extent of experimenting with two different versions by altering Ronnie's guitar track.
10. Zip Mouth Angel (MJ/KR); Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin Ireland, November-December, 1993. A lovely ballad with a simple open tuned guitar, tom-tom drum, maracas, and backing keyboard. The song has a Caribbean feel, and was perhaps inspired by sessions in Barbados. FINISH THIS SONG !
11. I Think I'm Going Mad (MJ/KR); Compass Point Studio's, Bahama's, jan-feb '79. Was released as B-side of the single She was Hot in 1984.
12. So Young (MJ/KR);  Pathe Marconi Studios, Paris, sessions Oct.'77 – Mar'78. Maybe a song about a girl from Texas. In the tradition of the infamous "Ruby Tuesday" and "Stray Cat Blues"... This is the first version with original vocal. Great rhythm tone and riff with splendid solo's from Ronnie Wood. This was "too great to make you wait", and was released on the Love Is Strong CD single from 1994's "Voodoo Lounge".
13. Linda Lou (R.Sharpe); Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas Jan - Feb 1979; Rockabilly and 50's swing. This is the third specific reference in this series of unreleased transcriptions to a guy named "Ronnie" (the other two are heard within Figi Gin and Do You Think I Care). There is a version of Star Star from the 1997 tour where Jagger replaces Ali McGraw with none other than Pattie Boyd, former wife of George Harrison and Eric Clapton, also the girl friend of one Ron Wood, and is said to be the inspiration of songs that include All You Need Is Love,  Layla, and Wonderful Tonight. Maybe Jagger finds humor in making these references?
14. Claudine (MJ/KR); Pathe Marconi Studio's Boulogne-Billancourt. Jan.-March 1978. Claudine is a biographical song about Claudine Longet who was a lead dancer at the Follies in Las Vegas. She was convicted of negligent homocide of her second husband in 1976.
15. Blood Red Wine (MJ/KR); Olympic Studio's, London, May 1968. A Lovely melodic ballad with somewhat morbid lyrics. The mood of the song and even lyrics like "wrap my coat around" are reminiscent of the song Winter from "Goats Head Soup". Musically, perhaps a closer approximation to Sister Morphine.
16. Key To The Highway, (W.Broonzy, C.Segar); Tour rehearsals, Sumet-Burnett Recording Studios, Dallas, Texas, June 23, 1972. A Classic Blues-song they  also played at the tribute gig for Ian Stewart in 1986. This version -from rehearsals in '72- is as it should be: RAW !!!
17. Dancing Girls (MJ, KR); Compass Point Studio's, Bahama's, January-February 1979. Before finishing this compilation  we give you one more typical Stones Rock'n Roll song. Play it Loud!!
18. Separately  (KR, MT); Dynamic Sounds Studio's, Kingston Jamaica, nov – dec '72.  The Stones Louging Away. One of the most hauntingly beautiful outtakes I've heard. Even though the quality is still rough, the beauty of this unreleased gem still shines through! What a treat to even have this version. Taylor did indeed bring  something thatTthe Stones would never achieve again after his departure.

 Credits for liner notes and other background information goes to Chris M., Felix Aeppli and Nico Zentgraf.