This word comes from the old Indian word prana.
Prana is: the life breath, energy.
Prano involves a persons radiant energy and the modification of the same.
Any imbalance in the latter reduces the physical,
psychic and spiritual well-being of an individual.
  prano practice is able to create an energy forse that is stronger
than average and can be used for a precise goal.
This energy will be transmitted to the reciever throught the prano
practitioners hands,
recreating a state of equilibium and well-being.

The first step is calmly breathing and relax.
Then the prano
practitioner will open every chakra, bring harmony and let the energy circulate again.
The last step is to put the hands on the point of the pain.

For a prano practitioner it's important to build a defence against bad energies. Bad energies from the customer or from other people.

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