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Download link Description Magic version
DotNet Example Some easy examples of DotNet and MagicXPA2 MagicXPA2.2
MSOffice embedded Embedded MSOffice documents in Magic form Magic 940 SP7a
Webinar XML eDeveloper Webinar XML eDeveloper Component XML (XML wizard) Magic 9.x
Outlook Synchronizing Synchronize MSOutlook with your application Magic 940 SP7a
Magic/Outlook Treeview MSOutlook treeview embedded in Magic form, included drag, drop and extract emails from/to database Magic 940 SP7a
Magic to SMS Sending SMS with Clickatell by Magic Magic 940 SP7a
Magic/Outlook embedded MSOutlook all folders embedded in Magic form, included dragging an dropping emails to a database Magic 940 SP7a
Magic940 Outlook MSOutlook inbox embedded in Magic form Magic 940 SP7a
PDFCreator Easy creating PDF files with Magic940 and PDFCreator Magic 940 SP7a
RSS Reader Version 2 RSS reader Version 2; easy to build with Magic 930/940 Magic 940 SP 6c
Creating XSD-files Easy creating XSD-files from XML-files (.NET Framework 1.1 must be installed) Magic 940-930
Magic940 to MSExcel2003

Open/save workbook, send/retrieve data to/from cells, formatting cells, creating charts, (re)name sheets.

Magic 940 SP 6
Magic940 to MSOutlook Retrieve email, contacts, send email, create notes, create appointments, modify appointments, create contacts Magic 940 SP 4
Magic830 ActiveX Check for active instances MSOffice with ole Magic 830 SP 15
Magic940 ActiveX Check for active instances MSOffice with ole Magic 940 SP 4
Magic940 to MSOutlook Magic2Outlook (create/send email and appointments) Magic 940 SP 4
Excel OLE Extended Magic2Excel OLE reading/writing to cells, copying charts, page setup, changing extensions, writing formulas, counting sheets, changing sheet names. Magic 830 SP 15
MS Explorer MS Explorer embedded/open window in Magic form Magic 830 SP 14
Drag and Drop M830 Drag and Drop M830 form Magic 830 SP 14
Word OLE Magic to Word by OLE Magic 830 SP 14
Drag and Drop Demo Drag and Drop Gantt chart (production scheduling) Magic 940 SP 2
Magic 2 Outlook V3.1 Magic2Outlook (create note and contact items, send emails with HTML-body) Magic 830 SP 14
Excelchart Embedded GUI Magic to Excelchart embedded in GUI form (extended demo) Magic 830 SP 12
ExcelOle Excel to Magic by OLE demo Magic 830 SP 12
Get printers Windows Get the available printers from W95/98 Magic 820e
Magic2Outlook Magic2Outlook extended demo (reading Inbox, attachments) Magic 830 SP 12
OutlookOle Outlook to Magic by OLE demo Magic 830 SP 12
Blocked_act_std_eng Block keyboardstrokes for user (Esc, F2) Magic 820 up
Authorisation Usersystem Userrightsystem developed with globalparameters Magic 820e
Ole/Com viewer Ole/Com viewer (Microsoft) Windows 95




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