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AD 1320?-1660?

Aleman (also Aelman, Aelmans and Alemans)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Emaus

The founding father of this family, Jan Aelman, was an illigitimate son of graaf Willem III of Holland and Hainaut (Henegouwen) (1286?-1337), one of the greatest European statesmen of his time, who was able to strengthen Holland's position in the armed conflicts with Flanders, its most important regional rival, and forge important political coalitions. Willem's daughter Margaretha married Ludwig of Bavaria who later became Emperor of Germany, his daughter Philipa married King Edward III of England, and his brother-in-law Philipe became the King of France. Willem's son Jan Aelman was given the status of a nobleman. After Willem's successor graaf Willem IV had been killed in the battle of Staveren against the Frisians in 1345, Margaretha became gravin of Holland. She made her half-brother Jan Aelman heer of Woerden on 27-10-1346. But soon afterwards, in 1349, the house of Woerden and surrounding area were lost to the army of Jan van Arkel, the Bishop of Utrecht. From 1358, when Margaretha's eldest son Count Willem V had been declared insane and was succeeded by her second son Albrecht of Bavaria, the Aelman family lost most of its remaining privileges. Jan Aelman's possessions went to Albrecht's offspring and not to his own children. During the period of Spanish rule the status of this family declined further, although as late as the eighteenth century its members could still win legal proceedings over hunting rights. Eventually some members of this family had become small farmers who had probably forgotten about their illustrious ancestors. In the early nineteenth century, however, this link was rediscovered. Two sons of the Aleman family were made jonkheer in 1814 and were admitted to be trained as officers. (See the publication on the Aleman family in "Gens Nostra" in 1961). New information on Jan Aelman and his descendants was kindly provided by Marco Tieleman, visit his homepage.

Our ancestor Pieternella Aleman may not have been aware of it herself, but she was a descendant of practically all royal families in medieval Europe, and a direct descendant of Emperor Charlemagne (Carolus Magnus, Karl der Grosse, Karel de Grote) (742-814), and of William I "the Conqueror" (Willem "de Veroveraar"), Duke of Normandy and King of England (after 1028-1087) as well.

Child of
graaf Willem III of Holland and Hainaut (1286?-1337)
and jonkvrouwe ? de Moor (?-?)

(See 19 generations back)

Jan Aelman
(blood-relationship 0,00019 %)
* 1320? (Le Quesnoy) x I. Justine de Gouwe II. Mechteld van Wulverhorst III. ? (wife unknown, married around 1370) + 16-12-1389 (Valenciennes)

(Not known if any other children by ? de Moor)

Children of
Jan Aelman (?-1389)
and III. (Unknown)

(See 18 generations back)

1. Jacob Jansz. Aelman
* ? + 5-9-1422 (Valenciennes)
Occupation: knight

2. Willem de Moor ("Jan Aelmanszoon")"
(blood-relationship 0,00038 %)
* 1345? (Woerden) x Baerte van der Del (around 1400) + before 21-5-1421 (Noordwijkerhout)
Albrecht of Bavaria mentions Willem in 1391, calling him "Willem de Moor, heer Jan Aelmanszoon". Willem lived near Haarlem in 1392, and was "strandvonder" of the beaches between Katwijk and Zandvoort.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Willem de Moor ("Aelmanszoon") (?-before 1422)
and Baerte van der Del (?-?)

(See 17 generations back)

Dammas Willemsz. (Aleman)
(blood-relationship 0,00076 %)
* 1375? (Noordwijkerhout) x ? (wife unknown, married around 1410) + after 1466
Occupation: "scholaster" in Noordwijk

Katherijne Willemsd. (Aleman)
* ? x Pieter ? (married around 1430) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Dammas Willemsz. (Aleman) (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 16 generations back)

Jan Dammasz. (Aleman)
(blood-relationship 0,0015 %)
* 1410? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1440) + ?
Jan was living in Noordwijkerhout

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Jan Dammasz. (Aleman) (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 15 generations back)

Maerten Jansz. (Aleman)
(blood-relationship 0,003 %)
* 1440? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1490) + ? (Hillegom)
Maerten was "buurman" in Hillegom

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Maerten Jansz. (Aleman) (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 14 generations back)

Claes Maertensz. (Aleman)
(blood-relationship 0,006 %)
* 1480? x Maritgen Willemsd. (Rossert) (around 1510) + ? (Hillegom)
Occupation: "buurman" in Vogelenzang and Hillegom

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Claes Maertensz. (Aleman) (?-after 1568)
and Maritgen Willemsd. (Rossert) (?-?)

(See 13 generations back)

Dammas Claesz. (Aleman)
(blood-relationship 0,012 %)
* 1515? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1550) + after 1568
Occupation: "buurman" at the Beeklaan in De Sillick (De Zilk) and in Wijk aan Zee. He was permitted to hunt by the "Meesterknapen" of Holland and West-Friesland.

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Dammas Claesz. (Aleman) (?-after 1568)
and Unknown

(See 12 generations back)

Claes Dammasz. (Aleman) alias "Wichtomdeijnen"
(blood-relationship 0,024 %)
* 1562? x I. ? (wife unknown, married around 1580) II. Mariken Jansd. van Weert (Haarlem 7-8-1616) + after 1620 (Beverwijk)
Claes was living in "De banne Hillegom' in 1591, and later in Wijk aan Zee. He was free from the duty to plant "buurhelm".

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Claes Dammasz. (Aleman) alias Wichtomdeijnen (1562?-after 1620)
and Unknown

(See 11 generations back)

Meindert Claesz. Aleman
(blood-relationship 0,049 %)
* 1582? (Heemstede) x I. Neeltje Benjaminsd. (around 1610) II. Leuntje Dimmensd. (around 1630) III. Geertruid Cornelisd. + before 29-5-1670 (Noordwijk)
Occupation: "duinmeier" in Heemstede, after 1624 in the Oostduinen in Ouddorp, owner of a farm in West-Nieuwland, in 1651 "schepen" of Het Oude Nieuwland. In 1669 he went to the "gasthuis" in Noordwijk where he died.

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Meindert Claesz. Aleman (1582?-before 1671)
and Leuntje, daughter of Dimmen (?-before 1668)

(See 10 generations back)

Pieternella Aleman
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* 1631? (Ouddorp) x Cornelis Pietersz. Emaus (Goedereede 1655) + 1661? (Goedereede)
For her descendants see the page on Emaus.

(Not known if any other children)

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