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AD 1075?-1295?

Blieskastel (Kastel an der Blies)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Saffenberg

Children of
and Unknown

(See 26 generations back)

Gottfried III, Count of Blieskastel
(blood-relationship 0,0000015 %)
* ? (before 1089) x Unknown + ? (after 1127)

Children of
Gottfried III, Count of Blieskastel (before 1089-after 1127)
and Unknown

(See 25 generations back)

Folmar I, Count of Blieskastel
(blood-relationship 0,0000029 %)
* 1100 x Clementia of Metz (1135) + 1179

Ida of Blieskastel
* ? x Heinrich "The Lion", Duke of Bavaria + ?
Ida's husband Heinrich "The Lion" was defeated and deposed by Emperor Friedrich Barbarossa on 16-9-1180, and was succeeded as Duke by Otto I (V) of Scheyern (of Schweinfurt, of Wittelsbach)

Children of
Folmar I, Count of Blieskastel (1100-1179)
and Clementia of Metz (?-after 1179)

(See 24 generations back)

Folmar II, Count of Blieskastel
(blood-relationship 0,0000059 %)
* ? x Jutta of Saarbrücken + 1223

Children of
Folmar II, Count of Blieskastel (?-1223)
and Jutta of Saarbrücken (?-1211)

(See 23 generations back)

Heinrich, Count of Blieskastel
(blood-relationship 0,000012 %)
* ? x Agnes of Sayn (before 1225) + ? (before 1237)
Heinrich was the last of his line, leaving five daughters but no son. A long and costly fight erupted over his possessions, financially ruining his daughter Loretta and her husband Count Heinrich IV of Ober-Salm. In 1284 they had to sell Blieskastel to the Bishop of Metz. The couple could only hold on to Püttlingen, a modest property, and even that under the Bishop's overlordship.

Children of
Heinrich, Count of Blieskastel (?-before 1237)
and Agnes of Sayn (?-1259)

(See 22 generations back)

Loretta of Blieskastel
* ? x Heinrich IV, Count of Ober-Salm (after 1259) + 1269

Kunigunde of Blieskastel
(blood-relationship 0,000024 %)
* ? x Engelbert I van der Marck (before 1251) + 1265
For her descendants see the page on Saffenberg

Imagina of Blieskastel
* ? x Gerlach I of Isenburg-Limburg + ? (before 1298)

Adelheid of Blieskastel
* ? x Gottfried III of Arnsberg (before 1246) + 1272

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