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AD 1390?-1620?

Van Clootwijck

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Ten Hage

Much information on the different branches of the Van Clootwijck family can be found in the homepage of Kees Klootwijk. (See bottom of this page for the sources he used.) Here we present some information on the "old Dordrecht-branch", from which we have descended. The founder of this branch was Adriaan Danielsz. van der Merwede (born around 1250-died around 1298), who is said to have been a grandson of Count Floris III of Holland. (Even if this is not true, Count Floris III is our ancestor anyway through the Aleman family as well as through the Van Rijswijk family.) Adriaan was the first to use the family name "van Clootwijck", after the name of his "ridderlijke hofstede" (a knight's fortified farmhouse). The "Van Clootwijck-hoeve" is still there, to the north of Almkerk in "Het Land van Altena", the area west of Dordrecht and south of Gorinchem, see map.
There is uncertainty about the succession of generations towards the end of the 14th century. Our ancestor Adriaen Jan Arntsz. may not have been related to the original Van Clootwijck family at all. He bought "Clootwijck" from Floris van Klootwijck in 1418 and began calling himself "Van Clootwijck" only after this. A 17th century historian, Matthijs Balen, names Reyer van Clootwijck (born around 1350) as the father of Adriaen Jan Arntsz., which is unlikely because Adriaen would then have been called "Reyersz." instead of "Jan Arntsz."
Like the Van der Dussen family, the Van Clootwijck family lost their house and farmlands in the disastrous "St. Elisabeth's Flood" on 18-11-1421.

Child of
Jan Arent ? (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 17, 16 generations back)

Adriaen Jan Arntsz. "van Clootwijck"
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,0038 %)
* 1390? x jonkvrouwe Dirkje van Polanen? + 1468?
Adriaen bought "Clootwijck" from Floris van Klootwijck in 1418 and began calling himself "Van Clootwijck" only after this. Adriaen may have been married to Dirkje van Polanen, but other possibilities are a daughter of Reijmbert van der Brugge or Johanna Willemsd. van Nederveen.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Adriaen Jan Arntsz. "van Clootwijck" (1390?-1468?)
and jonkvrouwe Dirkje van Polanen? (?-?)

(See 16, 15 generations back)

1. Reywaert Adriaensz. van Clootwijck
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,0076 %)
* 1415? x Willumke Willemsd. van Nederveen (around 1440) + ?

2. Dirck Adriaensz. van Clootwijck
* ? + ? (before 1473)

Child of
Reywaert Adriaensz. van Clootwijck (1415?-1468?)
and Willumke Willemsd. van Nederveen (?-?)

(See 15, 14 generations back)

Jan Reynaertsz. van Clootwijck
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,015 %)
* 1440 x Elisabeth de Borchgraeff + after 1518
Occupation: heer of Clootwijck

Children of
Jan Reynaertsz van Clootwijck (1440-after 1518)
and Elisabeth de Borchgraeff (?-?)

(See 14, 13 generations back)

1. Reijwaert Jansz. van Clootwijck
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,030 %)
* 1470 x I. jonkvrouwe Elisabeth van Emmichoven, II. Catharina ? + ? (after 1549)
Occupation: heer of Clootwijck

2. Jan Jansz. van Clootwijck
* ? x Elisabeth Burgen + ? (before 1557)

3. Dirck Jansz. van Clootwijck
* 1479 x Lysbeth Claesd. van der Velde + 1530?
Occupation: "schout" and "heemraad" of 's-Grevelduin

4. Gerrit Jansz. van Clootwijck
* ? + ? (between 1542 and 1544)
Occupation: priest

5. Adriana Jansd. van Clootwijck
* ? x Gijsbert Anthonisz. + 1512

6. Jan ("de Jonge") Jansz. van Clootwijck
* ? + ? (before 1616)
Occupation: "heemraad" in Klein-Waspik

7. Zeger Jansz. van Clootwijck
* ? + 1557

Child of
Reijwaert Jansz. van Clootwijck (1470-after 1549)
and jonkvrouwe Elisabeth van Emmichoven (?-?)

(See 13, 12 generations back)

Johan Reijwaertsz. van Clootwijck
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,061 %)
* ? x jonkvrouwe Jenne van den Hooven (around 1530) + ?
Occupation: heer of Clootwijck from 1519.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Johan Reijwaertsz. van Clootwijck (?-?)
and jonkvrouwe Jenne van den Hooven (?-?)

(See 12, 11 generations back)

1. Pieter van Clootwijck
* 1530? (Dordrecht) x jonkvrouwe Margriet Heys + after 1596
Occupation: heer of Clootwijck, "schout" of Geertruidenberg, after he had retaken this town in 1573 from the Spanish by surprise, with an army under General Poyet, for the Prince of Orange.

2. Dirck van Clootwijck
* ? + ?

3. Elisabeth van Clootwijck
* ? + ?

4. Bertruyt (or "Geertruyd") van Clootwijck
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,12 %)
* ? Abraham Dircksz. ten Hage (around 1570) + ?
For her descendants see the page on Ten Hage.

Among the sources Kees Klootwijk mentions in his homepage the following are relevant:
Matthijs Balen, "Beschrijvinge van Dordrecht", 1677
A.I. Menalda-van der Hoeven, "Een speurtocht door de Langstraat (1500-1650)
A.J. van der Aa, "Biographisch woordenboek der Nederlanden", and the newer version of 1911
Maris, "Een honderdtal Nederlandse Families"

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