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AD 1610?-1740?

De Graaf

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Holster

The original home area of this family seems to have been the north-western part of the Province of Brabant, south of "het Land van Altena", see map, and it was probably unrelated to the De Graaf family from Haarlem.
Some information was kindly provided by Dave Pol, visit his homepage.

Child of
? de Graaf (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 10 generations back)

Claes de Graaf
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* 1610? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1640) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Claes de Graaf (1610?-?)
and Unknown

(See 9 generations back)

Zeger Claesz. (or "Seger Cleijsen") de Graaf
(blood-relationship 0,195 %)
* 1633? (Raamsdonk) x Janneken Jans Abberdaen (Capelle 30-10-1666) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Zeger Claesz. de Graaf (1633?-?)
and Janneken Jans Abberdaen (1635?-?)

(See 8 generations back)

1. Cornelia Zegersd. de Graaf
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* 26-4-1676 (Capelle) x Marcelis Bastiaenz. Holster (Capelle 3-4-1700) + 21-3-1742 (Capelle)
For her descendants see the page on Holster.

2. Peternella Segerts de Graaf
* 1668? x Adriaen Martens Mulders (Capelle (27-1-1692) + ?

3. Nicolaes Segerts de Graaf
* 7-3-1674 (Capelle) + ?

4. Johannes Segerts de Graaf
* 26-1-1670 (Capelle) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

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