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AD 1240?-1670?

Van der Dussen

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Swaen

Like many other known families in our tree, the origins of the Van der Dussen family are in "het Land van Altena", the area east of Dordrecht and south of Gorinchem, see map. The family took its name from a small river, the "Dusse". The earliest known reference to this family is Jacobus de Dussen (or Jacob van der Dussen) in 1156. The family did not belong to the old nobility but to the lesser "ministerialen", whose families had been serfs originally, but who had over generations become free men who now fulfilled important functions in the administration of the ruling Dukes and Counts. They were often given pieces of land to generate an income for themselves and their families. (It is interesting to note that upward social mobility also existed in medieval times. Most ruling Dukes and Counts were themselves descended from the Karolingians, who had been administrators under the Merovingian Kings, but who replaced them when the last members of that dynasty had become ineffective.)
The Van der Dussen family founded the castle and the small town of Dussen. The last Van der Dussen to live at Dussen castle was Cornelia van der Dussen (1536-1584). An interesting booklet about the castle and its inhabitants ("Dussen: Van woontoren tot kasteel-raadhuis") by Johan Hendriks and Tom van der Aalst was published in 1985 by the Gemeente Dussen. Until recently the castle was the Dussen town hall, but the town is now being administered from Werkendam. The castle's remaining use nowadays is for romantic marriages and other social functions.

The succession of generations from the 1200's onwards, as presented here, is based on an 18th century source (A. Ferwerda, "Adellijk en aanzienlijk wapenboek van de Zeven Provinciën, waarbij gevoegt is een groot aantal genealogieën van voorname adellijke en aanzienlijke families", Leeuwarden 1763). According to a later source (dr. J.C. Kort, "de archieven van de familie Van der Dussen 1517-1905", published by the "Hoge Raad van Adel", Den Haag 1992) there are uncertainties about the succession of generations Van der Dussens in the 15th century, see below. It is beyond doubt that Jacob Jan Bruinsz., alias "Jacob van der Dussen" and his wife Klaasje (or Claesje) Ewoutsd. really were our ancestors, but it is now thought to be uncertain whether he really was related to the original Van der Dussens. One possible theory is that the last male Van der Dussen had died without an heir, and that the offspring of the last female Van der Dussens began using this family name (rightly or wrongly) from around 1600 onwards. According to "De Nederlandse Leeuw" (82 edition, 1965, 121/122) Jacob Jan Bruinsz. (1476-1544) was the son of Jan Jacob Bruynsz. van der Smaling (?-1494) and Catharina, daughter of "Meester" Jan Pouwels. The full name of his wife was Claesje Eeuwoutsd. van der Dussen (1481-1558), so she could indeed have been a member of the old line of Van der Dussens. We hope that in the future we will know how the pieces of this puzzle fit together.

Child of
? van der Dussen (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 20 generations back)

Jan I van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,000095 %)
* ? x Elisabeth van Polanen (around 1270?) + ? (before 1298)
Occupation: heer of Dussen, knight of hertog (Duke) Jan I of Brabant. On 5 June 1288 he broke a leg in the battle of Woeringen on the Rhine against the German Emperor's army under the Prince-Archbishop of Cologne and the Counts of Gelre and Luxemburg. There may have been as many as twenty-thousand combatants on either side. This was the last of the great medieval battles, which used to be fought in the form of a great number of simultaneous duels between individual knights. Duke Jan was invincible in these duels until he was forty. At Woeringen he killed five enemy Counts this way. But the outcome of this battle was decided by well-organized armed groups of farmers and Cologne townspeople who wanted to get rid of their ruler. They were not at all interested in chivalry, and did not hesitate to collectively attack single knights, however high their rank. Their flanking attack forced the Prince-Archbishop to surrender.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Jan I van der Dussen (?-?)
and Elisabeth van Polanen (?-?)

(See 19 generations back)

Jan II van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,00019 %)
* ? x I. jonkvrouwe Jacoba van Drongelen (around 1300?) II. Agnes van Boukhorst (1322) + 1323?
Occupation: heer of Dussen, counsellor of the heer of Altena and of Willem III of Avesnes, Count of Holland and Hainaut (who is also one of our ancestors). Living in the border area between Holland and Brabant, he played a part in bringing about the reconciliation between Count Willem III and Duke Jan III of Brabant in 1321.

Arent I van der Dussen
* ? + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Jan II van der Dussen (1270?-1323)
and jonkvrouwe Jacoba van Drongelen (?-?)

(See 18 generations back)

1. Jan III van der Dussen
* ? x Baarte van Dorp + 1340?
Occupation: heer of Dussen, appointed before 1331 by the heer of Heusden as keeper of the newly built "donjon" at Dussen, for the Duke of Brabant.

2. Nicolaas I ("Claes") van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,00038 %)
* ? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1330?) + 1381?
Occupation: heer of Dussen after the death of his brother Jan III around 1340. Claes was a supporter of Holland, rather than of Brabant.

3. Elisabeth van der Dussen
* ? x Philips van Wassenaer (1321) + ?

4. Soete van der Dussen
* ? x Jan Oem (1320) + ?
Soete's husband was heer of Barendrecht.

(One more son by his second wife, Agnes van Boukhorst)

Child of
Nicolaas I van der Dussen (?-1381?)
and Unknown

(See 17 generations back)

Arent II van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,00076 %)
* ? x Alijd van Overijn (around 1370?) + ?
Occupation: heer of Dussen. He became "baljuw" of South-Holland in 1387, and got permission of Duke Albrecht of Bavaria, the "ruwaard" of Holland, to strengthen the "donjon" at Dussen and rebuild it as a castle.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Arent II van der Dussen (?-?)
and Alijd van Overijn (?-?)

(See 16 generations back)

1. Nicolaas II ("Claes") van der Dussen
* ? + ?
Occupation: heer of Dussen, until he joined the religious Order of St. John in Jerusalem in 1418

2. Arent III van der Dussen
* ? + ?
Occupation: heer of Dussen from 1418, until his banishment by Jacoba of Bavaria because of his support of her uncle and rival Jan of Bavaria in the conficts called the "Hoekse en Kabeljauwse twisten". Most of Arent's possessions near Dussen physically disappeared shortly afterwards in the disastrous "St. Elisabeth's Flood" on 18-11-1421. The castle at Dussen had to be abandoned and remained an empty ruin for forty years.

3. Jan IV van der Dussen
* ? + ?

4. Florens ("Floris") van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,0015 %)
* ? x I. Catrina van Uden II. Anna van Arkel III. Elisabeth van Varick (around 1420?) + 1456
Occupation: he fought together with his father Arent II in the expedition against the Frisians in 1396; "schout" in Dordrecht from 1439-1441; "kastelein" of Loevestein Castle (1440); "raad in den Hove van Holland (1443); "baljuw" of Zuid-Holland (1445); "heer van Dussen, Aartswaarde" and other estates (1445). He rebuilt the castle of Dussen in 1455.
It is doubtful whether Floris really was the father of Jan Jacob Bruinsz. alias "Jacob van der Dussen", see below. If so, Floris must during his lifetime also have been known as "Jacob Bruin" (or "Jacob Bruno"?). However, we have no evidence for this.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Florens van der Dussen (?-?)
and (probably) Elisabeth van Varick (?-?)

(See 15 generations back)

1. Jan V van der Dussen
* ? + 1487
Occupation: heer of Dussen from 1456 until 1496.

2. Nicolaas III van der Dussen
* ? + 1476

3. Jan Jacob Bruijnsz. van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,003 %)
* 1420? x Ida van Kijfhouck (around 1450) + 1494
Occupation: unknown; Jan Jacob is mentioned in the "certificatiën" of Mary of Hungary and Prince Frederik Hendrik.

4. Arent IV van der Dussen
* ? + 1482

5. ? (a daughter) van der Dussen
* ? x Joris van Eemskerk + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Possibly the children of
Jan Jacob Bruijnsz. van der Dussen (?-1494)
and Ida van Kijfhouck (?-1498)

(See 14 generations back)

Jacob Jan Bruinsz. "van der Dussen"
(blood-relationship 0,006 %)
* 1460? x "Deliana Oom" or Klaasje Ewoutsd. (around 1490) + 28-1-1544
Occupation: "schepen" (1514) and "burgemeester" (1519) of Delft.
There are portraits of a Jacob Jan Bruinsz. and his wife Klaasje Ewoutsd. According to dr. J.C. Kort, the names "Jacob van der Dussen" and "Deliana Oom" were written on the back and coats of arms painted on the front of these portraits, apparently long after the paintings were created. The author thinks that this was done by a descendant of Jacob Jan Bruinsz. as a way of increasing his status by claiming the famous Van der Dussen name and falsifying history to "prove" this. But dr. Kort rightly asks the question why anyone would feel the need to deliberately create a false link to the Van der Dussens, as this couple Jacob and Klaasje and their descendants already had high status. It also seems strange that anyone would also have wanted to bestow a false family name on Klaasje long after her death. Was this perhaps a genuine mistake? It should be noticed that there had already been at least one "real" member of the Oom or Oem family who had married a Van der Dussen around 1320: Jan Oem and Soete van der Dussen, the youngest daughter of Jan II van der Dussen. Could there indeed have been a family connection between Jan Oem and Klaasje Ewoutsd., and perhaps also between Soete van der Dussen and Jacob Jan Bruinsz.? And then there is the above mentioned possibility that Klaasje was a "real" Van der Dussen, and her husband was really called Van der Smaling.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
"Jacob van der Dussen" (?-1544)
and "Deliana Oom" (?-1558)

(See 13 generations back)

1. Jan van der Dussen
* ? I. Adriana ? II. Anna Mollers (1548) + ?
Jan could have been named after his grandfather Jan Bruin, or Bruno (=Jan Jacob van der Dussen, around 1420-1498?)

2. Cornelis van der Dussen
* ? + ?

3. Paulus van der Dussen
* ? + ?

4. Aaltje van der Dussen
* ? x Jacob Apars van der Houven + ?

5. Ewout van der Dussen
* ? x Maria Helena Lievensd. de Huybert van Zuidlandt + 25-3-1569

6. Bruno van der Dussen
* ? x Magteld van Groenewegen + ?
Bruno could obviously also have been named after his grandfather Jan Bruin, or Bruno (=Jan Jacob van der Dussen?).

7. Adriaen van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,012 %)
* ? x Elisabeth van Bodegom (around 1530) + 21-10-1576 (Delft)
Occupation: "lid van de vroedschap" (1560), "schepen" (1565), "raad" (1569), and "burgemeester" (1573) of Delft.

8. Hugo van der Dussen
* ? x Magdalena Sasbout + ?

9. Maria van der Dussen
* ? + ?

10. Catrina van der Dussen
* ? + ?

Children of
Adriaen van der Dussen (?-?)
and Elisabeth van Bodegom (?-?)

(See 12 generations back)

1. Catharina van der Dussen
* 1556 x Maerten Jansz. van Hogenhouck + 17-2-1617 (Delft)

2. Jacob Adriaensz. van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,024 %)
* ? x Margaretha van Hogenhouck (around 1570) + 1595
Occupation: unknown. (The spouses of Catharina and Jacob were brother and sister.)

3. Frans van der Dussen
* ? x Alyd van der Burgh + ?

Children of
Jacob Adriaensz. van der Dussen (?-1595)
and Margaretha van Hogenhouck (?-?)

(See 11 generations back)

1. Jacob Jacobsz. van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,049 %)
* 1575 x Johanna ("Jenneke") ten Hage (13-7-1597) + 8-9-1641
Occupation: "burgemeester" (1610) of Woudrichem.

2. Cornelis van der Dussen
* ? x I. Johanna ? II. Elizabeth Appelman (1636) + ?

3. Aletta van der Dussen
* ? (unmarried) + ?

4. Abraham van der Dussen
* ? x Lucretia van Wijk (1620) + ?

Children of
Jacob Jacobsz. van der Dussen (1575-1641)
and Johanna ("Jenneke") ten Hage (?-1641)

(See 10 generations back)

1. Jan van der Dussen
* ? (unmarried) + ?

2. Bertruyt ("Bertha") van der Dussen
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* ? x I. Christiaan Willemsz. van Kampen II. Cornelis Swaen (around 1630) + ? (after 1663)
For her descendants by her second husband see the page on Swaen.

3. Anna van der Dussen
* ? x I. Adam Westerwold II. Huybert van Neck (or Huibrecht van Eck) III. Hendrik van Winteroy + ?
Anna's third husband is likely to have been related to Maria van Winteroy, who married Bartholomeus van der Graaff around 1670.

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