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AD 1590?-1890


For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Van Rossum

The known origins of this family are in Goedereede on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee, south-west of Rotterdam. The name means "cheap", and according to Leendert Dupper, the brother-in-law of our ancestor Cornelis Goekoop (1751-1815), it was derived from the nickname "goekoop sant" (cheap sand) that Jacob Jansz. apparently had as a builder of dams, etc. Further sources on the Goekoop and related families are the manuscript by Cornelis Goekoop himself (the original is still in the Goekoop family, a copy is in the "Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie" in The Hague) and the book "Het geslacht Goekoop" by M.G. Wildeman, 1914, based on Cornelis Goekoops manuscript.

Children of
? (Goekoop) (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 11 generations back)

Jan (Goekoop)
(blood-relationship 0,049 %)
* 1590? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1615) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Jan (Goekoop) (1590?-?)
and Unknown

(See 10 generations back)

Jacob Jansz. "Goekoop Sant"
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* ? x Pleuntje Cornelis (around 1640) + 1709 (Goedereede)
Occupation: "rijsman" and builder of dams.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Jacob Jansz. "Goekoop Sant" (?-?)
and Pleuntje Cornelis (?-?)

(See 9 generations back)

1. Jan Goekoop
* ? x I. Pieternella Dims II. Maertijneke Tonis Loysz (Zonnemaire) + ?

2. Aren Goekoop
* ? + ?

3. Corstiaen Goekoop
(blood-relationship 0,195 %)
* 1640? x Grietje Pietersdr. van Poeteren (30-5-1667) + 13-2-1709 (Goedereede)
Occupation: owner of the farm "Oostdam" near Goedereede (demolished around 1830), and "gesubstitueerd strandvonder". In the early morning of Wednesday, January 31th, 1691, a very cold an foggy winter's day, Corstiaen received some unexpected visitors. They were "Koning-Stadhouder" Prince Willem III of Orange (= King William III of England), Hans Willem Bentinck (the Earl of Portland), a number of other dignitaries, and seven sailors. King William, returning by boat from England, had planned to arrive in Hellevoetsluis, but this had proved impossible because of heavy fog and fields of floating ice. He had then tried to reach the shore in an open rowing boat, which only succeeded after 23 hours. The visitors were then brought to Corstiaen's farm Oostdam, where they were warmed up again by the fire which was lit for them, and were given an English breakfast. As soon as the fog had lifted, they went back into their rowing boat in order to get to the mainland. William arrived in The Hague that evening with a severe cold. Corstiaen was rewarded for his hospitality with a silver tobacco box.

Children of
Corstiaen Goekoop (1640?-1709)
and Grietje Pietersdr. van Poeteren (1647-1723)

(See 8 generations back)

1. Nijsje Goekoop
* 22-11-1671 (Goedereede) x I. Cornelis Roos (9-5-1694) II. Leunis Lauwe (1-5-1699) + 17-4-1707 (Goedereede)
Nijsje's husband Leunis Lauwe was "schepen", "burgemeester-thesorier" and "president" of Goedereede.

2. Jacob Goekoop
* 25-6-1673 (Goedereede) x Maatje Abrahams Vermeulen (7-10-1701) + 27-2-1741 (Goedereede)
Occupation: "schepen" of Goedereede

3. Pieter Goekoop
* 1675 (Goedereede) x Jannetje Kaptein (7-10-1701) + 2-3-1750 (Goedereede)
Occupation: "schepen", "burgemeester-thesorier" and "president" of Goedereede

4. Cornelis Goekoop
* 28-10-1677 (Goedereede) + ?

5. Alida Goekoop
* 22-9-1680 (Goedereede) + ?-2-1740

6. Amplonia Goekoop
* ?-5-1682 (Goedereede) x Leendert Domusz. Kievit (Delft 27?-1-1707) + ?-2-1740 (Rockanje)
No doubt Amplonia's husband was related to our ancestor Ariaantje ("Jannetje") Teunis Kievit.

7. Gerrit Goekoop
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* 3-12-1683 (Goedereede) x I. Jacomijntje Davids de Zutter (Goedereede 7-6-1711) II. Nela van Leeuwen (Ouddorp 26-9-1723) + 21-3-1746 (Goedereede)
Occupation: "Baljuw van Goedereede en Westvoorne", "secretaris van Goedereede", "gesubstitueerd strandvonder", "schout, secretaris en penningmeester van de polders", "opzichter betonning en bebakening", and other functions.

8. Pieternella Goekoop
* 13-2-1689 (Goedereede) x Daniël Gerritsz. Sandifort (23?-11-1708) + 15-6-1748
Pieternella's husband, a farmer who was declared bankrupt in 1718, was the son of our ancestor Gerrit Eduardsz. Sandifort and his second wife Geertruid Arens Boogertman, see below.

Children of
Gerrit Goekoop (1683-1746)
and Jacomijntje de Zutter (?-?)

(See 7 generations back)

1. Christiaan Goekoop
* 4-4-1714 (Oostdam) x Angenietje Boogertman (8-5-1749) + 17-3-1767 (Rotterdam)
Occupation: "schepen", "burgemeester-thesorier" and "president" of Goedereede. There are probably many family links between all the Boogertmans that we have come across in our tree, but at the moment these links are not yet completely clear. Christiaan's wife Angenietje Boogertman was probably related to Aren Claesz. Boogertman, the second husband of our ancestor Aechje Adriaens Zuyderwerff; to Cornelis Arensz. Boogertman, the first husband of Aechje's aunt Kommetje Klaesdr. Barents (Zuyderwerff); and to our ancestor Jacomijntje Cornelisdr. Boogertman, the wife of Krijn Davids de Zutter.

2. Jannetje Goekoop
* 16-10-1716 (Oostdam) x Paulus Arentsz. van Wagen (Goedereede 7-2-1740) + 15?-2-1762 (Goedereede)

3. David Goekoop
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* 24-10-1718 (Oostdam) x Pieternella Emaus (Goedereede 12-8-1742) + 20?-4-1770
Occupation: "secretaris", "baljuw", "schout", "opzichter zeewerken", "dijkgraaf", and other functions.

4. Grietje Goekoop
* 19-11-1721 + 13?-10-1722 (Goedereede)

(Three more children by Gerrit's second wife Nela van Leeuwen)

Children of
David Goekoop (1718-1770)
and Pieternella Emaus (1720-1802)

(See 6 generations back)

1. Gerrit Goekoop
* 19-6-1743 x I. Martijntje van Gavel (Goedereede 30-11-1766) II. Jacomijntje van Wagen (10-8-1774) + 4-9-1786
Occupation: "schout" of Stellendam

2. Lijntje Goekoop
* 19-12-1745 + 18?-9-1749 (Goedereede)

3. Cornelis Goekoop
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 28-3-1751 x I. Anna Maria Ketelaar (Raamsdonk 19-9-1773) II. Sophia Dupper (Haastrecht 27-7-1780) + 22-2-1815 (Rotterdam)
Occupation: "schepen", "schout", "burgemeester", "dijkgraaf", many other functions. He was awarded the first prize (a gold medal) by the "Hollandse Maatschappij van Wetenschappen" in Haarlem for his answer in a scientific contest.

4. Lijntje Goekoop
* 1-4-1753 x Cornelis van Gavel (22-11-1774) + 10-10-1831

5. Jacob Goekoop
* 30-5-1757 + 24-8-1757

Children of
Cornelis Goekoop (1751-1815)
and Sophia Dupper (1751-1829)

(See 5 generations back)

1. David Goekoop
* 27-9-1775 x Cornelia van Toorn (Zierikzee 9-6-1806) + 11-2-1857
Occupation: "schout-civiel", "secretaris" of Goedereede and Stellendam, "wees- en kerkmeester" in Goedereede.

2. Diderica Goekoop
* 29-4-1781 + 25-9-1828

3. Adrianus ("Adriaan") Goekoop (See portrait)
(blood-relationship 3,125 %)
* 9-11?-1783 (Goedereede) x Elisabeth Hermina Verschoor (Kedichem 3-9-1812) + 6-4-1865 (Den Haag)
Occupation: Adriaan Goekoop was not trained as an engineer, but eventually he rose to "Inspecteur van de Waterstaat", with "Rijkswaterstaat", the large government organisation responsible for building and maintaining the main roads, waterways, and dikes in the Netherlands. In his period "Waterstaat" also built many churches. He started as an "assistent-opzichter" on Goeree-Overflakkee, and rose quickly through the ranks under Jan Blanken, the Inspector-General. In 1847 he had become not only "Inspecteur" of his own district, but also acting head of the other three districts. However, it was felt that he could not succeed as Inspector-General, because he did not have an academic degree. Still he became head of "het Corps van Ingenieurs van de Waterstaat", which he remained until he was over 80 years of age, and was "corresponderend lid" of the "Koninklijke Academie van Wetenschappen". He was appointed "Staatsraad in buitengewone dienst" and "Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw" for his services.

4. Gerardus Jacobus Goekoop
* 11-2-1785 x Jacomina Arendina van der Valk (Dirksland 8-11-1811) + 26-4-1874

5. Anna Maria Adriana Goekoop
* 18-3-1787 x jonkheer Adrianus Cornelis Roëll + 27-12-1864 (Rijswijk)

6. Cornilia Goekoop
* 5-7-1789 + 22-7-1810 (Goedereede)

Children of
Adrianus ("Adriaan") Goekoop (1783-1865)
and Elisabeth Hermina Verschoor (1789-1812)

(See 4 generations back)

1. Sophia Cornelia Goekoop
* 28-9-1813 (Gorkum) x jonkheer Cornelis de Gijselaar (Arnhem, 21-4-1837) + 1-7-189?)

2. Jacoba Johanna Goekoop
* 12-4-1815 (Gorkum) x jonkheer Dr. Cornelis Constantijn Roëll (1841) + 9-3-1862 (Den Haag)

3. Diederika Maria Goekoop
* 11-10-1818 (Den Bosch) x Cornelis Goekoop + 7-1-1872 (Den Haag)
Diederika and her husband were related through their common grandfather Cornelis Goekoop, 1751-1815. The younger Cornelis, descended from his grandfather's first wife Anna Maria Ketelaar, was "burgemeester" of Goedereede, Ouddorp and Stellendam, and later contributed greatly to the expansion of The Hague by buying and selling pieces of land, which also made him very wealthy. He was the guardian of his sister-in-law Louise's children after she, our second great-grandmother, had died at the age of 39.
Cornelis Goekoop owned the estate "Sorghvliet" in The Hague, and lived there in the monumental house called "Het Catshuis". In 1961 the estate was sold to the Dutch government, and since then "Het Catshuis" became the official residence of the Dutch Prime Ministers. The address is Adriaan Goekooplaan 10. This street was not named after our third great-grandfather Adrianus Goekoop, but after Adriaan Eliza Goekoop (1859-1914), the son of Cornelis and Diederika Maria Goekoop.

4. Cornelis David Goekoop
* 15-2-1822 + 19-2-1822 (Den Bosch)

5. Dina Louiza ("Louise") Henrietta Adriana Goekoop (See portrait)
(blood-relationship 6,25 %)
* 4-9-1823 (Den Bosch) x Charles Marie Felix van Rossum (Arnhem, 12-1-1853) + 4-1-1863 (Amsterdam)
For her descendants see the page on Van Rossum.

6. Cornelie Jacomijna Arendina Goekoop
* 3-6-1825 + 24-6-1826

7. (stillborn)
*/+ 1827

8. Cornelis David Gerardus Goekoop
* 22-5-1830 (Den Bosch) + 2-10-1845 (Delft)

9. (stillborn)

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