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AD 1570?-1730?

Van der Graaff (also Van de Graeff)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Hanedoes

The family name is likely to be a reference to "de Graaff", now called "Grave", a small town south of Wijchen, near Nijmegen. A source of information on this family is J.C. Maris: "Een honderdtal Nederlandse families", 1946.

Child of
? van der Graaff (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 11 generations back)

Jan van der Graaff
(blood-relationship 0,048 %)
* ? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1600) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Jan van der Graaff (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 10 generations back)

1. Tierk Janssen van der Graaff
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* 30-11-1605 x I. Jenette de Lang (around 1630) II. Agatha Froterma (Woudrichem 5-10-1636) + 10-8-1669
Occupation: He first lived in Delft, moved to Gorinchem, and in 1637 went Woudrichem to become "ouderling", "diaken" and "burgemeester".

2. Reijniera van der Graaff
* ? x Daniel van Eck + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Tierk Janssen van der Graaff (1605-1669)
and Agatha Froterma (?-? after 1675)

(See 9 generations back)

1. Joannis ("Jan") van der Graaff
(blood-relationship 0,195 %)
* 13-9-1637 (Woudrichem) x Cornelia ten Hage (Woudrichem 14-6-1662) + ? (before 12-2-1700)
Occupation: "controleur van de convoyen en licentiën wegens Holland" in Middelburg, "commies en servicemeester" in Woudrichem, "hoogdijkheemraad van het Oud land van Altena", "burgemeester" of Woudrichem, and in 1679 he was appointed Postmaster of 's-Hertogenbosch.

2. Bartholomeus van der Graaff
* 8-6-1640 x Maria van Winteroy + ?

3. Hermanus van der Graaff
* 21-1-1642 (Woudrichem) x Christina van Hoey + ?
Occupation: "contrarolleur van Hollants Convoy tot Middelburch"

4. Hendrick van der Graaff
* 4-6-1643 x Maria van Nederveen + ?
Hendrick's wife is likely to have been related to the Van Nederveen family in our tree.

5. Johanna van der Graaff
* 3-11-1644 x Willem van der Beke (Woudrichem 27-4-1667)+ ?
Johanna's husband was "raad en pensionaris van Hoorn" and "secretaris ter Admiraliteyt aldaar".

6. Alagonda van der Graaff
* 15-12-1645 x Wilbert van Engelen + ?
Alagonda's husband was captain of of company of footsoldiers.

7. Daniel van der Graaff
* 27-2-1647 x Maria Stormers tot Kolbergen (from Pommern, Germany) + ?
Daniel was a lieutenant.

8. Adriaen van der Graaff
* 28-2-1648 + ?
Adriaen died as a "vendrigh" (ensign) in Tobago.

9. Jacob van der Graaff
* 22-9-1649 + 10-8-1674
Jacob died as a lieutenant during the siege of Grave, after being hit above his left eye by a bullet from a musket.

10. Willem van der Graaff
* 4-6-1651 + 20-4-1653

11. Willem van der Graaff
* 5-6-1653 + 20-10-1674
Willem was a "vendrigh", like his brother he also died during the siege of Grave after being hit in the head by a bullet from a musket, on the "contre-escarpe".

12. Benjamin van der Graaff
* 26-3-1655 + 5-6-1655

Children of
Jan van der Graaff (1637-?)
and Cornelia ten Hage (1640-?)

(See 8 generations back)

1. Helena van der Graaff
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* 10-3-1663 (Middelburg) x Adriaan Hanedoes + ?-4-1742 (Woudrichem)
For her descendants see the page on Hanedoes.

2. Jan van der Graaff
* 12-9-1665 (Woudrichem) + ?

3. Dirck van der Graaff
* 21-2-1668 (Woudrichem) + 24-10-1680
Dirck died by drowning accidentally in the river, near Woudrichem.

4. Tierck van der Graaff
* 29-10-1669 (Woudrichem) + 9-6-1694

5. Agatha Johanna van der Graaff
* 20-12-1671 (Woudrichem) x Adam van Winteroy + ?
Agatha's husband Adam is likely to have been related to Maria van Winteroy, the wife of his uncle Bartholomeus van der Graaff, and to Hendrik van Winteroy, who married Anna van der Dussen.

6. Hendrick Anthonie van der Graaff
* 6-3-1675 (Woudrichem) x Anthonia Elisabeth Ulues + ? (before 1736)
Hendrick was Postmaster of 's-Hertogenbosch.

7. Jennette van der Graaff
* 6-2-1677 (Woudrichem) x Herman van Breugel + ?

8. Henriette Wijnanda van der Graaff
* 2-7-1679 (Woudrichem) x N. Pigodt + ?
Henriette's husband was an army Captain in a Scottish regiment which was stationed in Holland.

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