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AD 1725?-1800?


For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Zwartkruis

The name Hendriks means "son (or daughter) of Hendrik". Hendrik could just have been the first name of Alida's father, and it may not yet have been a family name. It is unlikely that this family from Arnhem in Gelderland was related to the Hendriks family from Friesland, or the Hendriks family from Nijmegen.

Child of
? Hendrick(s)?
and Unknown

(See 7 generations back)

Alida Hendricks
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* ? x Henricus Swartkruijs (Nijmegen 29-4-1759) + ?
For her descendants see the page on Zwartkruis

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