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AD 1710?-1810?

Kwaadakker (also Kwaadakkers)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Siebrand

The unusual name Kwaadakker(s) probably refers to the "bad agriculture field" (around IJsselmuiden in the Dutch Province of Overijssel?) on which the unknown founding father must have been trying to make a living. This family were Roman Catholics.

Child of
and Unknown

(See 8 generations back)

Frans Kwaadakker
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* ? x Elisabeth Hendriksen Rijsewijk (around 1735) + 14-1-1778 (IJsselmuiden)

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Frans Kwaadakker (?-1778)
and Elisabeth Hendriksen Rijsewijk (?-1783)

(See 7 generations back)

Hendrikje Fransen Kwaadakkers
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* 16-2-1739 (IJsselmuiden) x Jacob Sybrands (IJsselmuiden 6-3-1763) + 18-1-1786 (IJsselmuiden)
For her descendants see the page on Siebrand.

(Not known if any other children)

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