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AD 1490?-1558

Oom (also Oem)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Van der Dussen

Child of
? Oom (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 14 generations back)

"Deliana Oom"
(blood-relationship 0,006 %)
* ? x "Jacob Jan Bruijnsz. van der Dussen" (around 1510) + 18-9-1558
According to dr. J.C. Kort, Deliana's real name was Klaasje Ewoutsd. and her husband was not a Van der Dussen. It is not clear why these "aliases" were written on the back of their portraits long after their deaths. There is a source which states that Jacob Jan Bruinsz. (1476-1544) was really called Van der Smaling (the son of Jan Jacob Bruijnsz. van der Smaling and Catharina Jansd. Pouwels) and that the full name of his wife was Claesje Eeuwoutsd. van der Dussen (1481-1558). In this scenario, Jacob Jan Bruijnsz. would have taken his wife's family name. Another source, however, has it that Jacob Jan Bruinsz. was indeed a real Van der Dussen, and Claesje Eeuwout was a daughter of Jan Claes Eeuwout and Grietje Huygen Camerlingh. We hope that this ridddle will be solved in the future.
For her descendants see the page on Van der Dussen.

(Not known if any other children)

There is also a reference to a Jan Oem, who married Soete van der Dussen in 1320, the youngest daughter of our (possible) ancestors Jan II van der Dussen (1270?-1323) and jonkvrouwe Jacoba van Drongelen. It is not known what family relationship there might have been between Jan Oem and "Deliana Oom".

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