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New content, Design improvements

New content

Apart from adding information on our more recent ancestors, I am still mainly busy researching our medieval ancestry and adding the relevant data (especially from generation 25 and upwards) which is quite an interesting but also a time-consuming job. Unlike our later ancestors who all have the same surname when they belong to the same family group, each occupying a single place in our tree, our medieval ancestors are difficult to handle. Since many medieval families in our tree have intermarried, a very complex network of family-relations is the result. (see also the Introduction to this Chapter). Just one example is our relationship to Héribert I, Count of Vermandois, who appears to be our ancestor in at least 81 different ways, and who is at the same time 39, 38, 37, 36, 35, 34, 33, 32 and 31 generations removed from us, depending on which of those 81 lines between him and us you would like to follow. (And this complex picture on the Vermandois family is not yet complete: I have not yet worked out our exact relationship to a number of his descendants who appear to be our ancestors as well. I also have not yet worked out the "Karolingians" the ancestors of the Vermandois family and of quite a number of other families. This will of course be an even more complex job. And then there are still many medieval families in our tree with which I have not even started yet.

An operation like this not only leads to the creation of completely new pages in my site, but it also affects many of the existing pages as well. As my family tree gets bigger and more complex, its speed of growth decreases all the time! There is a lot of work still to be done, and it will probably occupy me forever. Considering the magnitude of this task, I have decided not to wait uploading the medieval part of our tree until the whole picture is complete (this can probably never be achieved), but to upload smaller incremental portions of this picture whenever they are ready. This means that this part of our tree will remain "under construction" indefinitely, with the inconvenience of inaccuracies, omissions, and perhaps some internal links to pages that do not yet exist or are mostly empty. My apologies: I will keep correcting and adding data as soon as I can, time permitting.

Design improvements

At the moment, no new design improvements are planned. On 4 September 2000 the improvement of all old-style "family-pages" was completed. In the old version, I had included all numbers which represent the exact relationships between each of our ancestors and ourselves. Dirck ten Hage, for example, had these numbers behind his name: (# 9756 = # 9760 = # 9840 = # 4904). Going further back in time, it not only became a problem that these numbers themselves increased enormously in size, but also that the number of these numbers increased as well. The present record-holders are the earliest known members of the Alsace family-group, each of whom now appears to be our ancestor in at least 202 ways (and possibly many more ways if indeed Aelis of Alsace, the first wife of Robert I, King of France, was their descendant too). It is of course totally impractical to present all 202 numbers of astronomical size, such as (# 2512598205952), for each individual in the Alsace family-group page. This was not necessary either, since these numbers are already given in the pages for each generation to which each of our "Alsace" ancestors belongs.
In the new design for the "family-group pages" all these numbers have been removed and replaced by more meaningful data: the number of times which an individual appears to be our ancestor (if this is higher than one), and the blood-relationship between each individual ancestor and us, expressed in a total percentage, being the sum of the various ways this person is related to us. For instance: Dirck ten Hage is our ancestor in at least four ways that we know about: 12 generations back from us in one way, meaning that his blood-relationship to us is 0,024 %, and 13 generations back in three ways, meaning that his blood-relationship is 3 x 0,012 % = 0,036 %, which makes the total for him (at least) 0,061 %. It is interesting to note that this clearly shows that Dirck is in fact more closely related to us than those who are nearer to us in time, 11 generations back, but who are our ancestors in one single way only and who's bloodrelationship is therefore 0,049 %.

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