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AD 1250?-1460?

Van Polanen

For younger generations of (possible) ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Van der Dussen
see page on Van Clootwijck

The family took its name from Polanen near the small town of Monster, south of The Hague. We are not sure whether we are at all related to the Van Polanens mentioned below, and we do not know what the family relationship was between Elisabeth and Dirkje. There is however a link to other members of this family, see the page on Van Duivenvoorde, Van Wassenaar, van Polanen.

Child of
? van Polanen (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 20 generations back)

Elisabeth van Polanen
(1 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,000095 %)
* ? x Jan I van der Dussen (around 1270) + ?
For her descendants see the page on Van der Dussen.

(Not known if any other children)

In our tree there is possibly another member of the Van Polanen family:
(See 17, 16 generations back)

jonkvrouwe Dirkje van Polanen
(4 times our ancestor, blood-relationship 0,0038 %)
* 1390? x (possibly) Adriaen Jan Arntsz. "van Clootwijck" (around 1415) + ?
Our ancestor Adriaen "van Clootwijck" may have been married to Dirkje van Polanen, but other possibilities are a daughter of Reijmbert van der Brugge or Johanna Willemsd. van Nederveen. Adriaen bought "Clootwijck" from Floris van Klootwijck in 1418 and began calling himself "Van Clootwijck" only after this. The relationship of Dirkje to Elisabeth, who lived about 140 years earlier, is not known.

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