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AD 1445?-1898

Rauws (also Raauws)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Metman

The origins of this family seem to be near the present border between the Netherlands and Belgium, in Rijsbergen, Galder, Hazeldonk, and Zundert, south of Breda. From about 1700, members of the Rauws family played an important part in the administration of the small town of Woudrichem in "het Land van Altena" for about a hundred years, see map.
A comprehensive book on the Rauws family called "Wel en wee van het geslacht Rauws" was written by our distant relation Dr. H. Winkel-Rauws. It was published in 1979 by "De Walburg Pers" in Zutphen, ISBN 906011.295.4 (deel V, "Werken uitgegeven door het Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde"). With her kind permission I was able to include a lot of interesting information about members of the Rauws family in this chapter of my homepage, and to use some new information that became available to the author after the publication of her book.

Child of
? Rauws (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 15 generations back)

Jan Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,003 %)
* 1445? x Margriet ? (family name unknown, married around 1475) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Jan Rauws (1445?-?)
and Margriet ? (family name unknown) (?-?)

(See 14 generations back)

1. Meeus Rauws
* 1470? (Rijsbergen) x Kathelijn Snijdersd. + 1535

2. Merten Rauws
* 1472? (Rijsbergen) x Petere Wouters van Keessel + ?

3. Cornelis Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,006 %)
* 1475? x Lysbeth van den Beessel (around 1500) + before 10-4-1526
Occupation: probably a farmer. The couple lived at the "Hoogeijndt" in Galder. After their deaths, they left their house and land to the "St. Jacobskapel", founded in 1468, which is still there, and to the church of Ginneken.

4. Jan Rauws
* 1480? (Hazeldonk) x Lysbeth Merten Jan Brabandersd. + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Cornelis Rauws (1475?-before 1526)
and Lysbeth Gerrytsd. van den Beessel (?-1525?)

(See 13 generations back)

1. Jan Rauws
* ? + ? (died young)

2. Peter Rauws (also called "Ophoeck")
(blood-relationship 0,012 %)
* 1500? (Galder) x Anne Peter Aert Heijnsd. (around 1530) + 1557 or 1558 (Ginneken)
Occupation: farmer in Ulvenhout.

3. Gerryt Rauws
* 1501? + ? (after 23-12-1532)

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Peter Rauws (1500?-1557?)
and Anne, daughter of Peter Aert Heijns (?-?)

(See 12 generations back)

1. Cornelis Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,024 %)
* 1533? x Marie Mathijs Anssemsd. (around 1560) + before 31-3-1569 (Breda)
Occupation: "olieslager" on the "Haagdijk" in Breda. The oil mill belonged to his wife who had inherited it from her first husband Alaert Berthels.

2. Jan (also called "Teen") Rauws
* ? (after 1533, Ulvenhout) x Jacopmijntje Anthonis Pauwelsdr. + ? (between 1601 and 1605)

3. Michielke Rauws
* ? (Ulvenhout) + ?
Michielke was alive on 14-6-1580

4. Petere ("Peerke") Rauws
* ? (Ulvenhout) x I. Adriaen de Keyser II. Cornelis Dyrven + 1603?

5. Marie Rauws
* ? (Ulvenhout) x Lucas Andriessen + ? (before 28-5-1595)

Child of
Cornelis Rauws (1533?-before 1569)
and Marie, daugter of Mathijs Anssems (?-1578)

(See 11 generations back)

Peter Cornelisz. Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,049 %)
* 1560? (Breda) x I. Cathelijn Wagemaeckers (Breda 27?-12-1594) II. Anneke van Dongen (Breda 29-11-1602) + 19-10-1619 (Breda)
Occupation: "olieslager" in Breda where he sold rapeseed cakes, vegetable oil, salt, soap and peas in his shop at the front of his house. Later he became a brewer of beer.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Peter Cornelisz. Rauws (1560-1619)
and Cathelijn Wagemaeckers (?-1601)

(See 10 generations back)

1. Cornelis Peter Cornelisz. Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* 1596? x I. Dingene Beens (Breda 1620?) II. Jenneke van Son (Terheijden, 24-10-1632) + 28-10-1646 (Breda)
Occupation: brewer of beer. Later he also became a member of the "Tienraad", "Gasthuismeester", and "Aalmoezenier der stadsarmen". Around 1620 he bought the brewery "Het Swert Leeuken". His stepmother Anneke van Dongen owned another brewery in Breda, "De Roode Poort". A Spanish army under Spinola besieged and captured Breda in 1625 after some 5000 people had perished from starvation and the plague. The Protestant religion was forbidden by the Spanish, so Cornelis sold the brewery and fled to Geertruidenberg in the north. There he had to earn a living by catching and selling fish from the river until he could buy brewery "De Swaen" at the "Markt" in Geertruidenberg. In 1638, after Breda had been liberated again by Prince Frederik Hendrik, Cornelis returned with his second wife Jenneke van Son, and in 1640 bought a new brewery which he called "de Roode Swaen". Cornelis and Jenneke both died in 1646, two and a half weeks apart, possibly of an infectious disease. They are buried together in the "Grote Kerk" in Breda.

2. Jan Rauws
* 1601 (Breda) + 10-11-1622 (Breda)

Children of
Cornelis Peter Cornelisz. Rauws (1596?-1646)
and Dingene Beens (?-1631?)

(See 9 generations back)

1. Pieter Cornelisz. Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,195 %)
* between 24-6-1622 and 5-11-1630 (Breda) x Sara Swaen (Teteringen 17-2-1669) + 19-6-1695 (Breda)
Occupation: "stadssecretaris" of 's-Gravenmoer, "kwartiermeester", "schepen", "Tienraad", "weesmeester', and "ouderling" in Breda. As an "ouderling" he participated in the "Synode van Dordrecht" in 1676. He lived in "De Groote Beir" opposite the Townhall of Breda. Like his father he is buried in the "Grote Kerk".

2. Paulus Rauws
* ? + 11-10-1640 (Breda)

(Eight more children by Cornelis' second wife Jenneke van Son)

Children of
Pieter Rauws (around 1625-1695)
and Sara Swaen (?-1683)

(See 8 generations back)

1. Bertruda ("Bertruijt") Rauws
* 17-10-1670 (Breda) x Sebastiaan Leerse (around 1703) + 21-2-1748 (Delft)
Bertruda was a competent manager of her own inheritance and that of her husband, who died in 1724. She went from Breda to Delft in 1747 to flee the advancing French army that had taken nearby Bergen-op-Zoom. She died there shortly afterwards and was buried in the "Oude Kerk".

2. Digna Maria Rauws
* 18-11-1672 (Breda) + 13-11-1675 (Breda)

3. Digna Catharina Rauws
* 26-7-1675 (Breda) + 13-11-1675 (Breda)

4. Cornelis Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* 26-12-1677 (Breda) x Johanna Catharina ten Hage ('s-Gravenmoer 18-11-1704) + 9-10-1709 (Woudrichem)
Occupation: "schepen" in 1705, "burgemeester" of Woudrichem, "kerkmeester" in 1708. After the death of his father, young Cornelis went to live in Woudrichem, perhaps with the family of his guardian Dirck Jansz. ten Hage, who's daughter he married. Cornelis and his wife Johanna Catharina were related through their common great-grandparents Cornelis Swaen and Cornelia Paessens. After five years of marriage, Cornelis died at the age of 31, leaving behind his 24 years old widow and their three infant children. Although we do not know what may have been the cause, there must have been great animosity between Cornelis and his wife on the one hand, and his brother-in-law Jacob ten Hage on the other hand. Jacob ended up with almost all of his parents' possessions, leaving very little to his widowed sister Johanna Catharina and her children. In her book, Dr. H. Winkel-Rauws blames Johanna Catharina's and Jacob's mother Anna Maria Sonnemans for this unequal treatment, but newly found documents in the archives seem to suggest that Jacob simply made himself the main heir, possibly against Anna Maria's wishes (see the page on ten Hage). There seems to have been lasting tensions between the descendants of Johanna Catharina and those of her brother Jacob.

Children of
Cornelis Rauws (1677-1709)
and Johanna Catharina ten Hage (1685-1740)

(See 7 generations back)

1. Agatha Anna Maria Rauws
* 8-3-1705 (Woudrichem) x Jan van Issum (10-12-1723) + 3-4-1732 (Geertruidenberg)

2. Pieter Rauws
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* 20-11-1706 (Woudrichem) x Helena Hanedoes (Woudrichem 12-1-1732) + 10-2-1755 (Woudrichem)
Occupation: owner of land; "schepen" of Woudrichem at the age of only 19, "waarsman" (responsible for the finances of the "Oude Ban", a "polder"), "president-burgemeester" of Woudrichem. Helena was not only his wife, but also his sister-in-law and he was related to her as well in the 7th degree through their common (great-)great-grandparents Adriaen ten Hage and Judith Johansd. Schellaert. Woudrichem seems not to have been a very lively place, as far as culture was concerned. On 29 September 1746, all those who had been listening to violin music in the inn were reported to the council of church elders. Even Pieter was suspected of this offence, but it could not be proved. In any case, Pieter was never appointed a member of the council, which was unusual for a town official of his standing.

3. Sara Bertruda Rauws
* 30-9-1708 (Woudrichem) x Adriaan Hanedoes (?-8-1733) + 1799
Sara married Helena's brother Adriaan who was 17 years her senior. She died at the age of 91, by then having been a widow for 48 years.

Children of
Pieter Rauws (1706-1755)
and Helena Hanedoes (1706-1774)

(See 6 generations back)

1. Johanna Catrina Rauws
* 27-4-1732 (Woudrichem) + 15-2-1813 (Gorinchem)
Johanna was obviously named after her grandmother Johanna Catharina ten Hage

2. Adriaan Rauws
* 10-1-1734 (Woudrichem) + 1-8-1803 (Woudrichem)
Occupation: "schepen", "dijkheemraad"in "het Land van Altena", "stadssecretaris" of Woudrichem until the "Patriotten", inspired by the French revolution, took over political power in 1795, temporarily ending the rule of the House of Orange and their "prinsgezinde" followers to which the Rauws family belonged. Adriaan was the last of the Rauws town officials in Woudrichem.

3. Cornelis Rauws
* 26-2-1736 + 11-5-1772 (Amsterdam)
Occupation: Army-officer, Engineer Corps. He became a "poorter" of Amsterdam, and "directeur-generaal der stadsbouwwerken". Cornelis built the new "Muiderpoort" in Amsterdam in 1771. He was a lover of music and opera, and may well have attended the concerts that Mozart, aged 7, gave there in 1766. Cornelis died in the opera theatre on the Keizersgracht on 11 May 1772, in the great fire that was caused by an accident with the candles used for lighting the stage. He successfully helped to get people out safely, time and again returning inside the burning and collapsing theatre until he himself was killed with seventeen others. The fire spread from the theatre to the neighbouring buildings. Never before had there been a fire of this size in Amsterdam. The glow could even be seen from The Hague and Den Helder.

4. Helena Rauws
* 23-2-1738 (Woudrichem) x Johan den Hartog (Woudrichem 31-7-1763) + 7-3-1814 (Gorinchem)

5. Tjerk Rauws
* 15-11-1739 (Woudrichem) + 23-8-1748 (Woudrichem)

6. Gabriël Rauws
* 16-4-1741 (Woudrichem) + 24-3-1771 (Amsterdam)
Occupation: merchant and "poorter" in Amsterdam.

7. Sebastiaan Rauws
* 21-11-1742 (Woudrichem) x Adriana van Overstraten (Bergen op Zoom 4-1-1804) + 12-9-1811 (Bergen op Zoom)
Occupation: he joined the Navy (Admiralty of the Maze) at the age of 16, and became a a Captain in 1779. He had a very adventurous life. He protected merchant ships against pirates and had to take part in suppressing an uprising of 360 slaves in a slaveship in "Opper Guinea" (West-Africa) on 13-10-1769. He resigned from the Navy in 1775, and bought the position of "drossaard" of Loon op Zand, but went back to sea two years later. His small ship the "Zephyr" survived a short but fierce exchange of fire with a bigger British ship on 9-8-1779 off South-America, who's captain mistook the "Zephyr" for a pirate. There were many wounded on both sides, Sebastiaan among them. During the 4th war with Britain (1780-1784) Sebastiaan's assignment was the protection of the province of Zeeland, and he took no part in the war's biggest battle at Doggersbank. Later he exchanged prisoners-of war in Portsmouth. His sailing career ended in 1792. He married at age 61 Adriana van Overstraten, the 47-year old daughter of the "burgemeester" of Bergen op Zoom.

8. Adam Rauws
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 16-8-1744 (Woudrichem) x I. Reyniera Warry (Den Briel 31-7-1769) II. Jannetje Wossum (Drunen 4-4-1779) + ? after 1819
Occupation: "ontvanger der convooien en licenten" and "schepen" in Heusden in 1769, aged only 25; "burgemeester" in 1770. In the same year his first wife Reyniera died "in het kraambed" while giving birth to a son, Pieter Adriaan Rauws. He bought many fine paintings at auctions, but not the harpsichord that was for sale for only 1 guilder! Adam was dismissed in 1788 because of his support for "Stadhouder" Prince Willem V of Orange, at a time when French-inspired revolutionary thought of the "Patriotten" had become dominant. As a staunch "Prinsgezinde" he was forced to accept a low-paid job, far away in Lommel, now Belgium. In 1796 he was ordered to appear before a judge on suspicions of fraud, but instead he fled to Germany, leaving his wife Jannetje and their young children behind. His possessions were confiscated, but she could save at least some of what were hers before her marriage. There still was some contact after that through letters and maybe also through their daughter Helena Petronella, see below. There are no traces of Adam after 1821, when an extract of his christening certificate was requested by an unknown person. Did Adam need it for something? It is not known where, when, and how he died.

9. Pieter Rauws
* 2-1-1746 (Woudrichem) + 16-6-1783 (Den Bosch)
Occupation: "poorter" of Gorinchem, later he moved to Den Bosch where he died at the age of 37 of (probably) a stroke. He was unmarried. Although his position is unknown, he must have been well off financially.

Children of
Adam Rauws (1744-182?)
and Jannetje Wossum (1761-1823)

(See 5 generations back)

1. Cornelis Tjerk Gabriël Rauws
(blood-relationship 3,125 %)
* 5-7-1780 (Heusden) x Johanna Cornelia Burghardt (date and place unknown) + 10-11-1850 (Bladel)
Occupation: Army officer (Captain of the Infantry) until his early retirement, probably in 1819. There is uncertainty about the date of Cornelis' arrival in The Hague and of his marriage to Johanna, as in the archives there are no records of this marriage in the period before 1811. Also, there is no record of Cornelis entering The Hague as an "ingekomen vreemdeling", and there is no record of him in the "attestatieboeken" of the Lutheran church. In 1816 he took part in escorting Princess Anna Paulowna of Russia to Holland for her marriage to King William II. This inspired him to name his third daughter, our ancestor Alexandrina Charlotte Paulowna, who was born the same year, after the Princess. He died after having been ill for many years.

2. Barent Godfried Carel Rauws
* 19-6-1782 (Heusden)+ 5-8-1785 (Heusden)

3. Sebastiaan Rauws
* 28-9-1783 (Heusden) x I. Anna Dorothea Charlotte van Teylingen II. Catharina Breton van Groll + 1-2-1832 (Soerabaja, Dutch East Indies)
Occupation: Army officer, Lt. Colonel of the Artillery; "assistent-resident" and "omgaand rechter" in Soerabaja.

4. Sara Elisabeth Rauws
* 25-2-1787 (Heusden) x Cornelis Sol (Reusel, 6-8-1810) + 6-6-1855 (Reusel)
Sara's relationship with a Roman Catholic "dagloner" (irregularly employed farmhand) of whom she was already five months pregnant when they were married, must have given yet another shock to this family.

5. Helena Petronella Rauws
* 1789 x Louis Goossens (Kaldenkirchen 15-7-1815) + 16-9-1820
Helena's husband, a Roman Catholic 15 years her senior, had been an artillery captain in Napoleon's "Grande Armée", where he was seriously wounded and as a consequence had had to retire at the age of forty. He also was a widower with one child. This must have been his only chance to marry again. His family, however, was not happy with this marriage to the daughter of a fugitive, and a Protestant at that. Mother Jannetje did give her consent and she was present at the ceremony. It is tempting to think that Adam was also there, Kaldenkirchen is in Germany, not far from the border from the Netherlands. The marriage did not last long, Helena died at the age of 31.

6. Barendina Godfrida Carolina Rauws
* 1-4-1792 x Jean Baptiste Marie Harduin (1823) + 1864
Carolina was already 31 when she married a French retired infantry-captain, a Roman Catholic 36 years her senior. This marriage also looked like a last resort for both, although it seems to have been a happy one. Jannetje gave her consent.

Children of
Cornelis Tjerk Gabriël Rauws (1780-1850)
and Johanna Cornelia Burghardt (1784-1844)

(See 4 generations back)

1. Johanna Cornelia Rauws
* 12-2-1803 (The Hague) + ?
According to the book by dr. H. Winkel-Rauws Johanna's year of birth was 1803. To me this seemed a bit unlikely, considering that the next child, Pieter, was born in 1810. The year 1808 would therefore have been more probable as the year of Johanna's birth. I contacted dr. Winkel about this, and I at first she and I both thought 1803 must have been a printing error. However, she recently rediscovered a note sent to her by the archives in The Hague in 1967, proving that 1803 is indeed correct. Johanna was born on 12-2-1803 and christened in the "evangelisch-lutherse kerk" in The Hague on 20-2-1803. Witnesses were her grandparents Burghardt. This leaves wide open the question where and when Johanna's parents were married, and why there is this period of seven years before the birth of Pieter.

2. Pieter Carel Sebastiaan Rauws
* 2-6-1810 (Bladel) + 19-6-1840 (Baros, on Java in the Dutch East Indies)
Occupation: Army officer, 1st Lieutenant of the Infantry.

3. Louise Frederika Wilhelmina Rauws
* 21-1-1812 (Reuzel) x Adrianus Hubertus Wuijster (Bladel 15-6-1843) + 27-8-1883 (Oirschot)

4. Alexandrina Charlotte ("Lotje") Paulowna Rauws (See portrait)
(blood-relationship 6,25 %)
* 15-4-1816 (Breda) x Hendrik Willem Metman (Waalwijk 3-5-1842) + 17-4-1889 (Wateringen)
It is interesting to note that this granddaughter of a staunch "Prinsgezinde" married the grandson of an equally staunch "Patriot". Her grandson Paulus van den Berg, who left an account (Dutch only) on the people he had known as a boy, remembers her as a tiny woman who was just sitting by the kitchen fireplace, tending to the fire and to the iron kettle which was hanging above it. She must by that time already have had one or more of the strokes which would eventually kill her, a few days after her 83rd birthday.
For her descendants see the page on Metman

5 Jeannette Wilhelmina Rauws
* 18-3-1818 (Haarlem) + 30-3-1843 (Bladel)

6. Maria Euphrosina Rauws
* 23-12-1821 (Hoogeloon) x Jacobus Antoon Louis Hanewinckel (Bladel 6-4-1854) + 15-3-1886 (Bladel)

7. Carolina Rauws
* 11-4-1825 (Hoogeloon) x Johannes Teunis Plateel (Bladel 6-11-1853) + 19-9-1888 (Veldhoven)

8. Willem Frederik George Lodewijk Rauws
* 25-1-1828 (Hoogeloon) x Wilhelmina Petronella van Appeltere (Rotterdam 18-5-1859) + 30-6-1898 (Rotterdam)
Occupation: Inspector of Police in Rotterdam.

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