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AD 1620?-1941

Van Rossum

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Verweij

Rossum is a small town east of Zaltbommel in "de Bommelerwaard". This family might be related to the great (in-)famous warlord Maarten van Rossum (1478-1555). Its most famous member in more recent times was Joannes Petrus van Rossum (1778-1856), our third-great-grandfather, see below. There is a "J.P. van Rossum Stichting", a foundation for the preservation of his legacy.

Child of
? van Rossum (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 10 generations back)

Gerrit van Rossum
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* ? x ? (wife unknown, married around 1648?) + ?
A Gerrit van Rossum was present at Huybert's (Willem van Rossum's son) christening in 1682, who might have been his grandson.

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Gerrit ? van Rossum (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 9 generations back)

Willem van Rossum
(blood-relationship 0,195 %)
* 1649 (Zaltbommel) x Lijsbeth van Diemen (Rotterdam 17-4-1675) + 1715 (Rotterdam)
Occupation: shoemaker

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Willem van Rossum (1649-1715)
and Lijsbeth van Diemen (1642-1718)

(See 8 generations back)

Huybert van Rossum
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* 25-2-1682 (Rotterdam) x I. Anna de Vos (12-5-1704) II. Aegje de Ridder (5-4-1711) III. Pieternelletje van Dobben (6-12-1718) IV. Willemina van Meghelen (Rotterdam 27-5-1722) + 28-4-1741 (Rotterdam)
Occupation: apprentice with his uncle? Maarten van Rossum, later "meester kuiper" (master cooper) in Rotterdam

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Huybert van Rossum (1682-1741)
and Willemina van Meghelen (1688-1741)

(See 7 generations back)

Johannes van Rossum
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* 24-6-1723 (Rotterdam) x Everdina Margaretha Rietberg (Zwolle 12-6-1752) + 7-11-1774 (Zwolle)
Occupation: studied theology in Leiden, became a "dominee" (clergyman) in Hitzerd, Ameide and Zwolle. He died in his church while delivering a sermon. He is buried in the "Michaëliskerk" in Zwolle, with his wife.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Johannes van Rossum (1723-1774)
and Everdina Margaretha Rietberg (1733-1799)

(See 6 generations back)

1. Hubertus van Rossum
* 1753 + 1757 (Zwolle)

2. Didericus Hermannus ("Dirk Herman") van Rossum
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 10-3-1754 (Zwolle) x Anna Maria Elisabeth Titsingh (27-4-1777) + 11-2-1810 (Delft)
Occupation: like his father, he studied theology in Leiden, became a clergyman like his father, and also like his father he died on the pulpit while delivering a sermon.

Children of
Didericus Hermannus van Rossum (1754-1810)
and Anna Maria Elisabeth Titsingh (1750-1816)

(See 5 generations back)

1. Joannes Petrus van Rossum (see portrait)
(blood-relationship 3,125 %)
* 3-6-1778 (Amsterdam, Herengracht 491, Albertus Titsingh's house) x Jeanne Marie Louise Hugues (Amsterdam 27-3-1805) + 26-3-1856 (Naarden)
Joannes Petrus received his education at the French and at the Latin school, became an assistant to his uncle "notaris" Heidweiler who was married to his aunt Adriana Catharina Titsingh, entered the sugar trading company of another uncle, Abraham Everhardus de Wit (the husband of his aunt Maria Catharina Titsingh), became a partner, bought land in Naarden, in 1810 bought his own ship "De Jonge Jan", traded in tobacco for the French government, moved with his family to Paris in 1812 where he had an audience with Napoleon, lost his ship to the British in the Napoleonic wars, got it back from London (without its cargo) in a short period between hostilities, returned to Amsterdam, bought the estates "Zandbergen", "Oud-" and "Nieuw-Valkeveen", "Flevorama" and a number of other estates in "het Gooi", became a "gemeenteraadslid' in Naarden, wrote his memoires and some poetry. He was appointed "Commandeur in de Orde der Eikenkroon" by King Willem III. A momumental bronze and marble clock he bought in Paris in 1812 is still in our family, see picture. There is an interesting story about this clock. It has been functioning accurately for more than 180 years, with one exception. Exactly when our father Arnold van der Voort was listening to the BBC news in 1942 (this was illegal under the German occupation) and heard that Hitler's army had been defeated in Stalingrad, the clock started to strike unexpectedly, and just kept on striking, like the sounding of the church bells at the news of a great victory. It must have "remembered" Napoleon's defeat in Russia, which inspired Tschaikovski's 1812-overture.

2. Elisabeth van Rossum
* 1779 x Guillaume François Hugues + 1849
Guillaume was a brother of Jeanne Marie Louise Hugues.

3. Everdina Margaretha van Rossum
* 1781 x Jacobus Pompe + 1848

4. Lubertus van Rossum
* 1784 x Christina Johanna Büe + 1848 (Haarlem)
Occupation: owner of a coffee plantation in Berbice (Brazil)

5. Abraham Everardus van Rossum
* 1785/7 x Theodora Elisabeth Lobé + 1866
Occupation: merchant, London. His offspring became British citizens.

6. Petrus Adrianus van Rossum
* 1789 x I. Maria Verhaal (Delft 12-5-1813) II. Everdina Aletta van der Boon Mesch (Delft 28-1-1819) + 1851
Occupation: "wethouder" (alderman) in Delft.

7. Anna Cornelia Elisabeth van Rossum
* 1791 x Leendert Steur (Delft 19-12-1817)+ 1851

8. Johannes Jacobus van Rossum
* 1792 x Judith Charlotte Muntz (Nijmegen 18-8-1824) + 1841
Occupation: lawyer, "griffier" at the Gelderland court of law.

Children of
Joannes Petrus van Rossum (1778-1856)
and Jeanne Marie Louise Hugues (1786-1843)

(See 4 generations back)

1. Hermine Marie Elisabeth van Rossum
* 1807 (Amsterdam) x Abraham Everardus Dudok van Heel (Naarden, 29-8-1829) + 19-11-1869 (Naarden)
Hermine's husband was an industrialist. Together with Paul van Vlissingen he founded the steel industry that later became "Werkspoor".

2. Marie ("Mimi") Elisabeth Françoise van Rossum
* 22-2-1809 (Amsterdam) x Wessel Eduard Henri Tack (Naarden, 29-8-1829) + 3-1-1867 (Amsterdam)

3. Jeanne ("Jenny") Marie Louise Petronella van Rossum
* 23-6-1810 (Amsterdam) x Jan Hendrik Beuker (Naarden, 27-8-1830) + 29-4-1892 (Amsterdam)

4. Madeleine ("Lonne") Henriette Françoise van Rossum
* 6-3-1812 (Amsterdam) x Jacobus Willem Mijnssen (Amsterdam, 1-6-1836) + 1899 (Nieuw Valkeveen)

5. Wilhelmine Françoise Elisabeth van Rossum
* 23-11-1813 (Paris, France) + 6-8-1814 (Paris, France)

6. Henri Mari Gerard van Rossum
* 1-10-1815 (Amsterdam) x Constantia Gesina Haselbach (20-4-1843) + 24-6-1900 (Arnhem)

7. Jeanne Marie Wilhelmina van Rossum ("Wilhelmine")
* 21-6-1818 (Amsterdam) x Hendrik Willem Kuhn (Amsterdam, 18-4-1839) + 24-2-1906 (Naarden)

8. Charles Marie Felix van Rossum
(blood-relationship 6,25 %)
* 30-10-1820 (Amsterdam) x I. Dina Louiza Henriette Adriana Goekoop (Arnhem, 12-1-1853) II. Cornelia Veenendaal (Driebergen, 28-2-1867) + 15-4-1899 (Utrecht)
Occupation: trader in sugar, went bankrupt but still managed to pay all his debts, after which he founded (with W. van Bevervoorde) the sugar factory in Geldermalsen of which he remained a director for 33 years. His son by his second wife Cornelia, also called Charles Marie Felix van Rossum, who also followed in his father's footsteps as director of the sugar factory in Geldermalsen, married Alexandrina Charlotte ("Charlotte") Paulowna van der Voort (in Haarlem on 16-1-1902), the eldest sister of our grandfather Hendrik Willem van der Voort.

9. Christine Albertine van Rossum
* 1824 x Joannes van Woensel Kooy + 1843
She married an Amsterdam industrialist, but died at the age of only 19.

10. Joannes Petrus van Rossum
* 1827 x Hermine Marie Elisabeth Dudok van Heel + 1909
Occupation: merchant and industrialist, managing director of the sugar factory "De Mark" in Oudenbosch, later of "CSM", the biggest Dutch sugar company.

Children of
Charles Marie Felix van Rossum (1820-1899)
and Dina Louiza Henriette Adriana Goekoop (1823-1862)

(See 3 generations back)

1. Joannes ("Jan") Petrus van Rossum (See picture of family gathering)
* 17-12-1853 x Anna Elisabeth Emilia Wellan (Utrecht, 18-10-1883) + 1941
Occupation: naval officer (captain), "Officier in de orde van Oranje-Nassau". His son Joannes married Christine Albertine Verweij, a daughter of our great-grandparents "Jen" van Rossum, see below, and Anthonie Johannes Adriaan Verweij (1849-1915)

2. Adrianus ("Aad") van Rossum (See picture of family gathering)
* 22-1-1855 x Johanna Marie Coster van Voorhout (17-6-1880) + 6-1-1917
Occupation: managing director of the sugar factory "Holland' in Halfweg, "Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw".

3. Jeanne ("Jen") Marie Louise van Rossum (See portrait 1), (See portrait 2), (See picture of family gathering)
(blood-relationship 12,5 %)
* 7-8-1856 x Anthonie Johannes Adriaan Verweij (9-6-1881) + 8-3-1934
For her descendants see the page on Verweij

4. Dina Louiza ("Louk") Henriette Adriana van Rossum (See picture of family gathering)
* 29-1-1859 x Wolter de Waard + 21-12-1940
Dina married Wolter de Waard, managing director and "president-commissaris" of four sugarplantations on Java, Dutch East-Indies. Our grandmother's sister Louise Henriette Adriana Verweij worked at his offices there. "Aunt Louk" van Rossum is said to have been a little eccentric. Among the stories about her is the one where she asked the head master of her children's school to adjust the start of his morning lessons so she could hold on to the time she preferred to have breakfast.

5. Christine ("Chris") Albertine van Rossum (See picture of family gathering)
* 1-6-1860 x Laurens ("Lau") Jacobus Scheltema (Utrecht, 5-6-1884) + 3-6-1927
Christine's husband became a lieutenant-general of the artillery, "Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw", and "Officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau".

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