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AD 1550?-1714

Sandifort (also Sandiforth)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Emaus

This family's earliest origins are probably in Norway, where it took its name from the "Sandefjord". They could well have been Vikings. Our ancestors may already have moved to England in medieval times. There is a reference to a Richard de Sandiforth who was living in Wakefield near York in 1286. Much later, in the early seventeenth century, Jeremy Sandiforth moved to Ouddorp on Goeree-Overflakkee in Holland. An interesting article by T.N. Schelhaas on the oldest generations of the Sandifort family was published in the Dutch genealogical magazine "Gens Nostra", September 1999.

Child of
? Sandiforth (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 12 generations back)

Jeremy Sandiforth
(blood-relationship 0,024 %)
* ? (England) x ? (wife unknown, married around 1575) + ?

Child of
Jeremy Sandiforth (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 11 generations back)

Eduard (Edward) Sandifort
(blood-relationship 0,049 %)
* 1575? (England) x I. Geertruid Krijns (Ouddorp 1616) II. Pieternella Gerrits (Ouddorp 1626) + 1652 (Ouddorp)
Occupation: teacher at a primary school, "chirurgijn", "voorlezer" and "voorzanger" in the church. Eduard had eight children by his first wife, and four more by his second wife, see below.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Eduard Sandifort (1575?-?)
and Pieternella Gerrits (?-1662)

(See 10 generations back)

1. Leendert Sandifort
* 1629 (Ouddorp) x Jacomina Bacx (Ouddorp 19-9-1649) + ?
Occupation: "chirurgijn" in Dordrecht. No doubt Leendert's wife Jacomina was related to his brother Johannes' wife Sophia Bacx.

2. Gerrit Eduardsz. Sandifort
(blood-relationship 0,098 %)
* 1634? x I. Apolonia Jansd. Swartdam (2-3-1654) II. Geertruid Arens Cornelisse Boogertman (Goedereede 22-6-1679) + 7-3-1687
Occupation: carpenter and contractor in Ouddorp, "burger" of Goedereede in 1664. Gerrit's second wife was a member of the Boogertman family in our tree. She was the daughter of Arend Cornelisz. Boogertman and Barbara Daniels Klimmer.

3. Isabella Sandifort
* 6-2-1639 (Ouddorp) x Cornelis Arens Colen (23-6-1657) + 16-2-1708 (Goedereede)
Isabella's husband was "schepen" and "burgemeester" of Goedereede, and he was a grain trader together with our ancestor Dirk Arens Berckel.

4. Johannes Eduards Sandifort
* 1643? (Ouddorp) x Sophia Bacx (Dordrecht 22-7-1663) + 6-12-1708 (Goedereede)
Occupation: baker in Dordrecht. He had been living in Goedereede until 1663, and he returned there before his death. No doubt Johannes' wife Sophia was related to his brother Leendert's wife Jacomina Bacx.

Children of
Gerrit Eduardsz. Sandifort (?-1687)
and Apolonia Jansd. Swartdam (?-1678?)

(See 9 generations back)

1. Pieternella Sandifort
* 24-10-1655 (Ouddorp) + ? (before 17-8-1659)

2. Grietje Sandifort
* 26-12-1656 (Ouddorp) x Aart Lammertsz. van den Houten (Goedereede 31-3-1690) + 1692

3. Pieternella Sandifort
(blood-relationship 0,195 %)
* 17-8-1659 (Ouddorp) x I. Pieter Cornelisz. Emaus (Goedereede ?-1-1684) II. Krijn Teunisse Kievit (24-3-1703) + 18-2-1737 (Goedereede)
Pieternella's first husband owned much farmland, and he was "schepen", "burgemeester-thesaurier", "kerkmeester" of Goedereede, "schepen van den Ouden Oostdijk". Pieternella's second husband Krijn Teunisse Kievit, the son of Teunis Krijns Kievit and Adriaantje Jans Boogertman, must have been related to the Kievit and the Boogertman family in our tree.
For her descendants by her first husband see the page on Emaus.

4. Jan Sandifort
* 20-8-1662 (Ouddorp) + 1688 (Goedereede)

5. Sara Sandifort
* 31-5-1665 (Ouddorp) x Gerrit Jansz. Roos (17-5-1692) + 23-5-1697 (Goedereede)
Sara's husband was "schepen", "burgemeester-thesaurier", and "burgemeester-president" of Goedereede.

6. Arjaantje Sandifort
* 25-3-1665 (Ouddorp) + ? (died young)

7. Eduard Sandifort
* 21-12-1670 (Ouddorp) x I. Anna Pieters Schaap (Goedereede 2-11-1696) II. Krijntje Cornelis Weijtens (Goedereede 16-9-1712) + 11-9-1714 (Ouddorp)
Occupation: "chirurgijn"

8. Leendert Sandifort
* 2-10-1675 (Ouddorp) + ? (died young)

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