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AD 1710?-1907

Siebrand (also Sybrant, Siebrands, Sibrands and Sybrands)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Waalberg

The family's original home town is perhaps Vollenhove, or Grafhorst, in the Dutch province of Overijssel. The still unknown founding father of this family must have been a man just called Sibrand (or Sybrand, Siebrand, etc). Following usual practice, his offspring must have had "Siebrands" (etc) attached to their own names as an indication of who's children they were. Towards the beginning of the 19th century, it had in effect become a family name. The original Sibrand may well have been completely forgotten by that time.

Child of
? Sybrant ? (?-?)
and Unknown (?-?)

(See 8 generations back)

Jan Sybrant
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* ? (Vollenhove?) x Janna Goossens (Kampen 5-6-1711) + ?

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Jan Sybrant ? (?-?)
and Janna Goossens (?-1720?)

(See 7 generations back)

Jacob Sybrands
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* ? (Grafhorst?) x I. Anna Dries (1737?) II. Gerrigje Jans (IJsselmuiden 11-5-1761) III. Hendrikje Fransen Kwaadakkers (IJsselmuiden 6-3-1763) + 25-8-1781 (IJsselmuiden)
It is likely that Jacob Sybrands (or Sibrands) was born around 1712, possibly in Grafhorst. Jacob was "burgemeester" of Grafhorst between May 1747 until and May 1762, and again between May 1763 until his death in 1781 or 1782. According to the census of 1748, he was living with his (first) wife Anne Dries and their five children, the eldest being a son called Dries (after his maternal grandfather?), aged over 10, and the other children (no names given) being younger. This Anna or Anne may have been the same as the Anna Dries from the village of Zalk who married a man called Hendrik Jans in 1730 in Kamperveen. Anna must have died before Jacob married his second wife Gerrigje Jans, who also was from Grafhorst, in 1761. Gerrigje must have died not long afterwards, before Jacob married his third wife Hendrikje in 1763.

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Jacob Sybrands (?-1781)
and Hendrikje Fransen Kwaadakkers (1739-?)

(See 6 generations back)

Annigje Jacobs Sijbrants
* 11-12-1763 (IJsselmuiden) x Harm Gerrits Buzepol (Genemuiden 25-3-1785) + 11-8-1826 (Genemuiden)

Hendrik Jacobs Sybrands
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 21-9-1766 (IJsselmuiden) x Jantje Willems de Bruin (IJsselmuiden 2-12-1792) + 3-4-1799 (IJsselmuiden)
Hendrik was a "daghuurder" at the time of the 1795 Census.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Hendrik Jacobs Sybrands (1766-1799)
and Jantje Willems de Bruin (1764?-1829)

(See 5 generations back)

1. Hendrikjen Sybrands
* 22-5-1793 (IJsselmuiden) + 4-3-1794

2. Willem Sybrands / Siebrand
(blood-relationship 3,125 %)
* 21-6-1794 (IJsselmuiden) x Aaltje Evers Koridon (IJsselmuiden 29-5-1824) + 26-8-1837 (Kampen)
Willem, a labourer, was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church. At the time of his birth and his marriage his name is spelt Sybrands, but at the time of his death as Siebrand. He himself and his mother were illiterate, and they were unable to sign the marriage certificate, but Aaltje's signature "A E Koridon" is there. In 1820, he was living in the Haatland area of Kampen, but on 30-4-1821 he went back to IJsselmuiden. In September 1825 he and Aaltje were back Kampen again. In 1837 he died there at his home in Oudestraat 348, leaving his pregnant wife and their two young surviving children, our ancestor Maria and her brother Hendrik, see below.

3. Jacob Sybrands
* 5-4-1796 (IJsselmuiden) + 27-9-1798 (IJsselmuiden)

4. Dries Sybrand
* 12-3-1798 (IJsselmuiden) x Aaltje Jacobs van Bruggen (IJsselmuiden 7-1-1826) + ?
Dries was a "daghuurder", his wife also a labourer. (Her parents were Jacob Teunis Brands and Jannigje Willems van Ommen.)

Children of
Willem Sybrands / Siebrand (1794-1837)
and Aaltje Evers Koridon (1793-1849)

(See 4 generations back)

1. Maria Siebrand
* 13-4-1825 (Kampen) + 16-4-1828 (Kampen)

2. Hendrik Siebrand
* 24-5-1828 (Kampen) + 1-9-1829 (Kampen)

3. Maria Siebrand
(blood-relationship 6,25 %)
* 3-11-1831 (Kampen) x Roeland Waalberg (Den Haag 10-2-1864) + 13-1-1907 (Den Haag)
Maria Siebrand, a "dienstbode" (housemaid), must have moved to Amsterdam where she met her future husband Roeland Waalberg. The couple moved from Amsterdam to The Hague shortly before their marriage. Maria's parents had died long before, but Roeland's parents were also absent at the marriage, which is very strange. Possibly Roeland and Maria, who was already four months pregnant, had eloped. Did his parents not approve of this relationship? It seems that Roeland was rather short and not handsome, and Maria was a tall and beautiful woman. Could his parents' presumed disapproval have had something to do with Maria's religion or social status? Since Roeland and Maria were both over thirty at the time, they would not have needed the parents' permission anymore.
For their descendants see the page on Waalberg

4. Hendrik Siebrand
* 31-7-1834 (Kampen) + 8-9-1855 (Kampen)
Hendrik died in hospital at the age of eleven, at Vloeddijk 212 in Kampen, cause unknown. He had been working as a "schippersknecht" (a skipper's assistant).

5. Willem Sybrand / Siebrands
* 1-4-1838 (Kampen) + 2-6-1839 (Kampen)
Willem was born about six months after the death of his father, who's name he was given. Young Willem died at the age of fourteen months.

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