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AD 1800?-1870?

Storm (also Sturm)

For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on De Zoete

Child of
? Sturm (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 7 generations back)

Johannes Hendrik (Johann Heinrich?) Sturm
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* ? x Maria Franken + ? (before 23-11-1831)
Johannes/Johann and his wife Maria, both having died before then, are mentioned in the certificate of their son Arnold's marriage to Wilhelmina van Dam on 23-11-1831.

Child of
Johannes Hendrik (Johann Heinrich?) Sturm (?-before 1832)
and Maria Franken (?-before 1832)

(See 6 generations back)

Arnold Sturm (Storm)
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 10-7-1783 (Homburg, Germany) x I. Catharina Michgels (1810?) II. Wilhelmina van Dam (23-11-1831) + 25-1-1857 (The Hague)
According to the official The Hague registers of the period 1845-1848, "Arnold Sturm" was born in Homburg (Hessen, Germany) on 10-7-1783, There is however other information in the archives which causes confusion:
if indeed he was 30 (i.e. in his 31st year) on 1-3-1812, he was born between 2-3-1781 and 1-3-1783;
if however he was 48 (i.e. in his 49th year) on 23-11-1831, he was born between 24-11-1782 and 23-11-1784;
and if he really was 76 (i.e. in his 77th year) on 25-1-1857, he was born between 26-1-1779 and 25-1-1781,
which of course cannot all be true. His place of birth is also registered inconsistently: Homburg is mentioned most often, but also Cologne (Germany) and even "Culenburg" (Culemborg, Netherlands?) are given. Apparently there was little interest at the time to keep the registers accurate, or possibly Arnold himself didn't know or didn't care, or was illiterate, which illustrates that even the registers cannot always be trusted, especially for the generations born before a proper government system was set up in 1811 during the period of French rule.
Arnold may have had different occupations: he is mentioned as a tailor in 1812, but apparently he was a gravedigger in 1831. A certificate of his marriage to Catharina Michgels could not be found.

Children of
Arnold Storm (1783-1857)
and Catharina Michgels (?-1831)

(See 5 generations back)

Hendrik Storm
* 13-9-1810 (The Hague) + ?

Catharina (Cathrine) Storm
(blood-relationship 3,125 %)
* 1-3-1812 (The Hague) x Jan Hendrik de Zoete (Den Haag 13-5-1829) + ?
Catharina, 17 years old, married Jan Hendrik de Zoete one month before the birth of their first child.
For her descendants seee page on De Zoete.

(Not known if any other children)

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