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AD 1680?-1831


For younger generations of ancestors who are descended from this family:
see page on Koridon

This family is from (old) Emmeloord on the former island of Schokland. For more information on Schokland see the page on the Koridon family.

Child of
Evert ? (Tromp) (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 8 generations back)

Louwe Evers (Tromp)
(blood-relationship 0,39 %)
* ? x Catharina ("Trijntje", "Trintie") Gerritsen (Schokland, Emmeloord, 4-12-1707) + ? (after 24-5-1723)

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Louwe Evers Tromp (?-after 1723)
and Catharina Gerritsen (?-after 1723)

(See 7 generations back)

1. Maria Louwe Tromp
* 6-10-1714 (Schokland) + ?

2. Joanna Louwe Tromp
* 13-9-1717 (Schokland) + ?

3. Arnoldus Louwe Tromp
* 15-11-1718 (Schokland) + ?

4. Joannes ("Jan") Louwe Tromp
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* 24-5-1723 (Schokland, Emmeloord) x Adriana ("Alleke", "Aaltje", "Arendje", "Alegonda") Jansen Tromp (Schokland, Emmeloord 22-4-1753) + 9-5-1782 (Schokland, Emmeloord)
Adriana Jansen Tromp must have been a close relation to Joannes, perhaps they were cousins, see below.

(Not known if any other children)

Child of
Jan ? Tromp (?-?)
and Unknown

(See 7 generations back)

Adriana ("Alleke", "Aaltje", "Arendje", "Alegonda") Jansen Tromp
(blood-relationship 0,78 %)
* ? (Schokland, Emmeloord) x Joannes ("Jan") Louwe Tromp (Schokland, Emmeloord 22-4-1753) + 15-12-1808 (Schokland, Emmeloord)
Joannes Louwe Tromp must have been a close relation to Adriana Jansen, perhaps they were cousins.

(Not known if any other children)

Children of
Joannes ("Jan") Louwe Tromp (1723-1782)
and Adriana ("Alleke", "Aaltje", "Arendje", "Alegonda") Jansen Tromp (?-1808)

(See 6 generations back)

1. Laurentius ("Louwe") Jansen Tromp
* 4-12-1753 (Schokland) + ?

2. Joannes ("Jan") Jansen Tromp
* 7-5-1755 (Schokland) + ?

3. Allegonda Jansen Tromp
* 2-9-1757 (Schokland) + ?

4. Jacoba Jansen Tromp
* ? (Schokland) + 27-8-1831

5. Maria Jansen Tromp
(blood-relationship 1,56 %)
* 26-1-1767 (Schokland, Emmeloord) x Everhardus Coridon (Schokland 9-8-1791) + 12-12-1807 (Schokland, Ens)
Maria's brother Louwe Jansen Tromp was a witness at her marriage. Maria died in a great fever-epidemic, ten months after the disastrous snowstorm of 18-2-1807 which killed her husband, her father-in law and six other fishermen from Schokland who were out at sea.
For her descendants see the page on Koridon

(Not known if any other children)

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